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  1. 200Tdi - What's normal?

    Regarding the diff lock light, hold the lever to the left and drive forward a couple of feet. The light doesn't always come on when static. I would check all the track rod ends and drop arm ball joint. I don't think there is any problem relocating the seat belt anchor, providing it has a heavy duty fixing with a thick front and back plate but I don't know.
  2. Swing Away Spare Wheel Carrier of choice?

    http://www.4x4overlander.com/product/wheel-carrier-pre-2002/ I have this one which is very heavy duty and sits the wheel in a position, slightly to the right, allowing the use of the tow hitch, even a NATO hitch. It has grease nipples also. The wheel is still in the way when operating the jockey wheel on a Sankey though.
  3. Screeching PAS Pump/Pulley,Poor Lock Radius

    European is larger😉
  4. Is the cooling fan secure?
  5. Brake bleeding sequence

    Thanks. It was the front I was confused about. Cheers.
  6. Brake bleeding sequence

    Defender 110 (H) 200Tdi (RHD) Hello, please can someone confirm that the sequence in the Haynes is correct for my vehicle. I had always thought it started with the furthest away first, working towards the master cylinder. The order in the Haynes is slightly different. Thank you.
  7. Lift kits - which make?

    Hi, I have just fitted Old Man Emu springs and shocks to my Tdi110, to replace the exact same, older ones I fitted 14 years ago. I find them to be excellent and give good service. The old springs, when removed, were the same free height as the new ones but now the vehicle sits noticeably taller, especially at the front and the ride is much better due to the new shocks and bushes. I used rear springs 2755 and front 2751 which is medium duty and it sounds like you have a similar setup to mine. I would recommend these. The shocks were the sport ones, part numbers ending in 37&39, however, they have plastic boots but the older metal type are still available. They were from island 4x4. The ride is firm and positive without being stiff and would give the required lift over the originals. I know they're not cheap but I believe they are worth it in the long run. I have only used this make and genuine original ones and have no experience of other makes.
  8. Old Man Emu springs.

    Ok, thanks for the info. The rears were ok and as you say, no difference in height, the front was sitting lower. I removed the spare from the bonnet but it didn't help much. The shocks had gone soft and that was the reason I finally got round to replacing them and went for new rears as well. They are the exact same make and model, just a different length of wire. Thanks for your reassurance in that they will serve me well.
  9. Old Man Emu springs.

    I see. Why would they use less wire? I didn't realise they didn't wear out. I assumed sagging was due to the years of stress on the metal. Cheers.
  10. Old Man Emu springs.

    Just an observation. Changed my 15 year old springs and shocks on my 110 today, using the same ome part numbers, 755 rear, medium duty coils. The new ones have two less coils. Same height but surely won't last as long. It seems everything is being downgraded to save money. Could there be another reason for this? I'm just curious.
  11. Headlight Wiring

    Me too!
  12. Headlight MOT fail same again or LEDs?

    I fitted Cibie headlights, Osram night breaker H4 bulbs and wired through relays, it's like driving a different vehicle. https://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/headlights/cibie-7-inch-e-approved-headlight-conversions
  13. Steering heavy to right

    Does it make any whining noises? Maybe try another bleed.
  14. Swivel seal retaining plate.

    Yes, same here. I'm pretty sure these ones have never been off since the vehicle was built. It's possible that later models may have had a fibre gasket instead, I suppose. 1990 was an early 200.
  15. Swivel seal retaining plate.

    I've just put a magnet on the old plates/rings, both metal.