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  1. Stambecco

    Auxiliary Fuse Box

    I'm no expert but personally, I'd prefer to continue with the beefy cables to the fuse box. The fuse box is rated to 100 amp so I would use cables able to cope with that. I may be wrong but.......
  2. Stambecco


    Agreed but this has taken a hit from a tractor and presumably wasn't shaking before.
  3. Stambecco


    Have a look underneath to see if there is anything obviously bent, like the drag link. If both the front wheels are wobbly then it's unlikely to be from the wheels themselves, more like a bent rod. Jack it up and have a feel around.
  4. Stambecco

    Snorkel bits

    I wonder if that's a bit from an Arctic heater system?
  5. Thank you. I'm not sure, I will check tomorrow.
  6. Hi, I have power steering pump ntc8287 and need the pump to reservoir hose, (rhd). I have seen the correct part in workshop manual diagrams but in the actual photos of the seller websites they don't have the banjo fitting but just a plain rubber end. Could I need the TD engine version? Mine is an early 200. Thank you very much and happy New year to all!!
  7. Internal diameter of mine at the tail pipr (200Tdi) is 50 mm. External 54 mm Engine external is 57 mm do 2 mm thick would be around 53 ish
  8. Stambecco

    Viscous Fan wobble

    Would that mean the water pump is on its way out?
  9. Stambecco

    Workshop manual

    Thank you very much. I will have a look. Cheers.
  10. Stambecco

    Workshop manual

    Hi there, I am asking on behalf of a friend, who is in need of a workshop manual for a Range Rover Sport 2005 TDV6 2.7. I think it's quite an early type with the knob dial for drive settings. I can't find any. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  11. Stambecco

    Water pump hose.

    Thank you, sounds like a plan.
  12. Stambecco

    Water pump hose.

    Cancel that! It fits but only just. I will source another one and hope it:s a bit longer. Thanks.
  13. Stambecco

    Water pump hose.

    1990 200Tdi 110. I have a coolant leak from a water pump hose. I ordered part number ERR1424 but when it looks a lot smaller than the existing one, photo attached. Could somebody please help me out with the correct part number? Thank you very much.
  14. Stambecco

    Wheel wobble

    I would check the swivel preloads, all the ball joints, steering column ujs and that everything steering related us all torqued up properly.
  15. Stambecco

    locking washer on drop arm /steering box

    I think it needs 170 nm.

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