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Power Loss


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Hey Folks,

Advice required , was driving up quite a steep slope today and had to pull over to let a Fiat 500 through , went to take off again but the car struggled hell of a lot. 

Managed to get the car up the slope but bad smell of clutch due to lack of power , now when I was over taking the Rev counter was hitting high but the Speedo took a while to catch up , only started to play up today.

I did fill up with TESCO Fuel last night but not sure if that could be the cause. 

Any help or advice appreciated before I book it into the stealers lol , oh it’s a 2004 TD4 Diesel.




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The fact that your revs are rising whilst the speedo took time to catch up is a sure sign that the clutch is slipping.   You will find that it slips more in higher gears ie when you are overtaking or when going up hills.  I don't know about heavy duty clutches but you should change the clutch and pressure plate     If the Master cylinder was a problem then you would not be able to get the clutch in or out or change gear.  Have a look on Eurocar parts https://www.eurocarparts.com for clutch kit options.  I can't remember how the slave cylinder works on these cars but if it's an internal type then it might be worth changing that while you are in there too.  

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What he said, sounds very dead clutch to me.

Clutch release is a concentric type so well worth the extra £50 to replace it while you're spending the money - new dual-mass flywheel may also be in order which isn't cheap but is worth doing at the same time.

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Morning Folks,

The hippo goes in on Monday to get a New Clutch Master Cylinder , Slave & Clutch ,fingers crossed it goes smoothly and I’m back on the road asap. 

Question I have is would I need to replace the Transfer & Gear Box Oil & if so how much would I need & what brand and grade to go for ? Reason I’m asking is I would rather supply the garage with oil than be charged double 😂

Its a 2004 Manual with 85K on the clock  

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