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110 and 109 parts swapping?


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7 hours ago, tobey7 said:

Hello folks. I was curious as to what body parts can swap across. I have acess to 109 tub cappings that i need and also a rear canvas with they all fit my 110 project

Hi tobey7

I think the 109's tub wheel arches would be out meaning on a 110 the axles are further apart than they are on a 109, think the tub would fit but the vehicle would look daft same where peeps have fitted a 90 body on an 88 or vise versa, think its also to do with the rear bulkheads as well as on Defender's the rear bulkhead is sort of fitted back to front to a series to give more seat / leg room in the front :(:)

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The 109 tub cappings do fit, as will the hoops for the canvas. But the canvas shouldn't, as the windscreen is different.

But you'd be better off buying a LWB series, simply because they are a far superior vehicle.

( Grabs coat and leaves before the flames are thrown ).


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Thats good news. i have a rear canvas with body fit not window fit so thats great. And ill pick up the tub cappings for my 92 200tdi. To give it the semi vintage pick up look

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