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2.25 where do i look


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I just put new points, plugs, leads, condesor, coil and cap into the 2.25 petrol. I also set the timing and adjusted the tappet clearance. It was running like a swiss watch for a couple of hours untill I started giving it a bit of a hard time then the idle was erratic and would stall if I tried to rev it. It would run with the choke on and I limped home that way.

Do i have an electrical problem or fuel problem?

If it is an electrical problem why would it run with the choke on?



11a 109 ex oz army

82 RR 4.6 maxi's cage etc etc

2000 d2 dints and scratches

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Could be dirt - I had the same problem, drove home on the choke and cleared the carb by removing the hose to the air cleaner, setting a very fast idle and momentarily blocked the air inlet with a gloved hand. Use a leather glove - don't want a ball of wool wrapped round your pistons!

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