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ABS query


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I have an F reg rangey which i will be making a Hybrid out of, it has the 24 spline ABS axles and it has an air filter sized object on the inner wing which i presume is for the abs. I would like to keep its abs but i have never dealt with it before and have no idea how it functions. As i am a deisel man do i somehow connect it to the vacume pump? Does it need an ECU of can it run independantly? I presume i will need the brake pedal assembly off the rangerover too?

Can i have all answers spelt out for me please as i have never dealt with owt like this although i am mechanicly minded and understand most stuff but as the rangey is basicly fu**ed i will have problems tracing stuff as a lot of bits are missing including the engine.

Oh and it was origonaly a V8..i think.... :rolleyes:

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Sorry mate, I started to answer your post but realised I didn't have enough knowledge to help you fully. Yes you will need the ECU from the donor car, the full axles, all the relavent wiring, the ABS pump and valve unit (on inner wing) and all the relative pipework. The master cylinder from the ABS system should fit a defender type pedal box making your life easier but can't be sure. Someone will have done it and can advise better. Good luck

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Ok thanks, now where would one go about finding this ECU thingy? and what does it look like? and where would i find it? also will it run the abs independantly or am i getting far too complecated here?

Thanks, Will.

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Corrode Finger on here is in the process of building a hybrid out of a G plate EFi and he has retained the ABS, i'm sure he'll be along soon.

On that one the ABS ECU was standalone, i wasn't there when he dismantled but i think it was under one of the seats. The unit is about the same size as the standard ECU.

Other than that I don't know - bit arcane for me really, it's only that I have just seen it done i know this much!

Hope this is a bit of help

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Before I start to try and answer your questions, a couplle of my own :huh: :

You say it is an F plate vehicle which is 88/89 MY. I thought ABS wasn't fitted until 91 ish are you sure it is ABS equipped?

You also say it has 24 spline axles. Are you sure? 24 splines didn't appear on ranges until after 1992. Not wanting to teach you to suck eggs here, but the 24 splines refers to the diff end of the shaft not the wheel end so you will need to pull a shaft to be sure. (not relevant to the ABS query BTW as my ABS rangie is 10 spline)

Anyhow, assuming you do have ABS my advise would be to bin it if you are building a serious off road vehicle. The ABS can cause some "interesting" moment on decents and the ECU and sensors are not the most robust. BTW, the ECU is under the passenger seat (RHD vehicle). The ABS pump and valve block are on the inner wing in front of the driver. You should hear the pump when you turn on the ignition - it should run for a short while as it pressurises the system then cut out.

Another thing to check - when you start the car the ABS warning light (red) should illuminate. It should stay on until either you have driven faster than 5mph or the ABS pump has finished priming (not too clever to drive off before it has stopped priming BTW :lol: ). Above 5mph it will (should) extinguish.

If it doesn't come on at all or comes on and stays on then you have an ABS fault that can be a world of pain. Check the tech archive for how to diagnose the many possible faults. Pump, valve block, sensors and ECU are all silly money to replace unless you get lucky on Eblag.

I am being a bit hypocritical here as I have just spent a not inconsiderable amount of money repairing my ABS after the latest computerised MOT test caught me out, but I couldn't face ripping out all the braking sysem and re plumbing it on a vehicle that needs to be on the road all the time. If I was building from scratch I would avoid ABS like the plague. On a road based vehicle the ABS has obvious safety benefits, on an off roader the advantages are non existant IMHO.

There you go - my 2p.

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