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  1. muddy

    Yorkshire green lanes

    If you come on the 65 into Colne and over to cross hills you could head over the moor to Ilkley from riddlesden and then go towards harrogate you can cut down through DOB park and come out near menwith hill camp, from there you can drop through Darley and up over briham rocks, there's a little roman road that takes you up to the moors above Patley where there are some nice lanes. Its years since I have been around patley moor so unsure of status.
  2. muddy

    5x6.5 Trailer Hubs

    IIRC ifor axles are KNOT, ALKO also make axles. Look on the ifor website at axles for an LM126 these will have the correct stud pattern and auto reverse drum brakes with a rating of 1750kg per axle.
  3. Take it in bits, you have nothing to lose. End caps and shaft nuts are often loctited (auto correct made that lactated 🤣) in place so warm with blowtorch or powerful heatgun to soften this. if it is scrap I would look at sourcing a standard ram and buying a body jack set and using the pump to operate the ram. Will.
  4. Make the jump anything Milwaukee make is brilliant.
  5. muddy

    Breaker bar & impact sockets?

    If I was going to be in the middle of nowhere a lot I would spend abit more and buy a snap on breaker bar. I bought a 3’ Long one for £110 plus vat just before Christmas. Halfords is fine if you can walk there to replace it but if your miles from nowhere and up **** creek for the sake of £80? I’d be pretty Mildly miffed off with myself. I use Draper expert sockets professionaly and haven’t had one break yet I don’t think. Before anyone accuses me of being a snob i have five or six Halfords/Draper bars in vehicles for changing wheels but I have broken too many when doing more strenuous work. Will.
  6. muddy

    Online buying Advice

    No wonder they can't find you, someone's crossed the address out!
  7. muddy

    hot pressure washers

    I bought a reconditioned one off a steam cleaner service and repair man. its a big twin axle thing with a stainless cover. It was £650 about 12 months ago. id say it has more pressure and is hotter at full temp than the archers we used to get at work, these would typicially last about 4-5 years before total death but were doing about 4 hours a day seven days a week. some proper TFR from autosmart or similar works wonders with an extendable wash brush. I think running them through with cold water after a hot wash, not letting them freeze and regular use is a major factor in longevity.
  8. muddy

    The Curse of Blondie

    I'm sure adrenaline 4x4 do hockey sticks and trailing arms to fit D2 axles to earlier chassis mounts, then all you need to do is glue some what's linkage brackets on or just an a frame ball joint mount over the rear diff.
  9. If you want to mow grass buy a tractor, if you want to control it a 6 ft topper pulled squarely behind the 110 would work especially if you offset it you you can lean out the window or door to see the cutting edge. Classic tractors are very cheap and as has been said extremely versatile. once you have a double acting spool, free flow return and perhaps even a loadner then the possibilities are endless.
  10. muddy

    Wolf HD rims - confused

    You can run rangemasters on a tubeless rim and they will also work tubeless (ignoring legalities) I have done both. Quite why you want to I don't know they are hateful tyres, like a SAT but without the offload abilites.
  11. Nail a bit of rubber to a 4" square bit of wood you can hold against the opening of the turbo to control the revs, abit of running may free it of. If not taking the top off and filling with diesel often helps along with a long soak.
  12. muddy

    Vinyl Wrapping

    I have wrapped vans and getting wrap to match colours and paint to match wrap is very difficult. You also tend to get a gloss from the wrap texture in certain lights imho. As has been said I would colour match and paint, give the rest a gentle polish then go down some scratchy lanes etc. will.
  13. muddy

    The new Defender is now pointless

    I like it, and there's room in the back for a decent sized generator.
  14. muddy

    Intercoolers and other bits

    From a non scientific approach I have a gueswork tuned 300 90, it gets 22psi of boost at the inlet manifold and leaves a slightly more than acceptable black exhaust haze at WOT higher speeds with a pre turbo egt of approx 900 degrees c, it runs a supposed Brunel uprated standard size intercooler although I have no proof of this apart from the thicker and less frequent core tubes, 1.4 t box and 235/85 tyres. I have compared against many different TDIs and no matter what gearing or wheel and tyre combo those with a bigger intercooler always begin to outpull mine above 55mph. I think a larger in cooler would be required to get the most out of the VNT or uprated turbo. Aside from a turner head perhaps I can't see the point of fitting much else to a tractor. Will.
  15. muddy

    Cheap-ish welding helmet recommendations?

    I have an eBay special big view one. Had it about five years and seen regular use. It was about £80 if you can bring yourself to trust it I think it’s a reasonable trade off between usability and price. It also looks like a blue skull so I can weld more better with it.

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