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  1. HGV direct do party packs of penetrating aerosols that are effective and reasonably priced and John Deere penetrating fluid and also their chain and cable lube is very good.
  2. Put something heavy on them and cycle whilst dousing everything in lube.
  3. If you can weld then I would wire wheel and weld new brackets to the spare axle you have.
  4. you may not have to use the entire new outrigger, often you can cut and join new and old to make an easier welding position.
  5. Skip diving and a pack of fuses has won me many workshop hoovers.
  6. Just ordered some, any suggestions on how much to put in a 300tdi or kg/L coolant?
  7. the defender tub is too narrow and IMHO looks terrible on a disco. A hi cap tub might be better or a flatbed. if you are using it for work you can't carry much weight before the balance is a little off with such overhang.
  8. if it has to drag it from the back of the tray its not gonna make much difference on a tdi. especially if you fit a larger filter in the first place.
  9. Can you not mount the filter behind the cab? perhaps a picture of the setup might help us?
  10. Its only illegal on paper to stop dishonest people utilising stolen parts or concocting badly made death traps and if you posses the correct documentation I belive it would have to be an unreasonable judge to call you out on it. having been in the position of needing a galvanised chassis for a D2 I would value it at £1000 for the rolling chassis with steering box, if the box was recent and the axles displayed extremely new ball joints and or callipers and it had decent wheels and tyres that I actually wanted then I would go up to £1500 much more and you may aswell buy a brand new o
  11. Totally illegal but would be no bother to a sprinter, you want to see the meat vans hammering round the country...
  12. Sounds like fun Jeff! have you seen these pics floating around the internet of an unexploded bomb going through a crusher? As for lock down no different for me apart from not seeing freinds on weekends, we have moved all operations to our warehouse and packing and delivering dog food like there's no tomorrow! Will.
  13. yes, worth investing in some of the very long straight ring/ratchet spanners and chock the brake pedal down to save your fingers jamming between caliper and disc mid wrestle.
  14. Whilst unloading a wagon last week I was puzzled to see a ton bag of clippings on it, after questioning the driver it seems people have taken to Costco etc to mail order gardening supplies, I'd have never have imagined mail ordering a ton of gravel!
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