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  1. car trailer straps

    Another vote for the ratchet shop.
  2. AT Tyres for 18" alloys

    I run our 255/60 18 grabbers at 3 bar ~42 psi all round. Seem to be wearing well apart from the old front set, you can't set D2 tracking with baler band it seems... Will.
  3. Wolf 300 Tdi : is it a myth ?

    I know little but afaik engines are same power, chassis are usually plated top and bottom like a hd spec but the main difference is the rear chassis has a mini chassis on top to give excellent support to the tub. Very obvious when you see one. Also have 4 pin diffs in the rear not sure on the front.
  4. Venturing off road again.......

    P38 just for the less rustiness. Winch bumpers are available I'm sure. And I say that as a D2 owner.
  5. Welding critique please...

    A D2 chassis can vary massively in steel quality over just a few feet it seems so that may add to the fun if you suddenly find you are poo at welding another patch on somewhere else. my advise would be to get them mot passable for two years and start saving for a new chassis. will.
  6. One thing nobody seems to mention is how horrendous a defender with standard steering lock is to drive. I run thin headed bolts in the lock stop location maybe 10mm tops by the time the washers there, I use the increased steering lock every time driving and far more than any other mod I've done whether it be parking, reversing trailers or drifting round roundabouts..... Perhaps your use is different but I find there's nothing more embarrassing than a 23 point turn. will.
  7. Generators - need some help

    I bought a nice quiet diesel Stephill ~4.5kva one for just over a grand sh and it seems to run our freezers, van tills and kettle at shows with absolute ease unlike the 2.5kva petrol one I once hired. Id definitely go diesel and big unless you have a tractor/landrover for a pto one?
  8. Mig reccomendations h

    Tecarc m200i for me, made a frame for it and with an Albee bottle I can weld wherever from a 13 or 16a supply.
  9. Fixings straps

    I'd drill through the frame and have a peice of stainless bar that slides through under the can handles with an R clip to stop it sliding out. you could even slide it out and hang stuff on it to dry or stab yourself. just my 2p
  10. Seem s strange to me how everyone is slating it. Lots of people round me have paid 70k for a 2.2 heap, at least this has got the guts to go somewhere. Apart from the price which I only dislike because I can't afford one, and possible colour choices I think it's a right machine. By by the time you have bought the parts, built it and have some warranty kitty I can't see a lot of profit in it.
  11. Air filter like 200TDi defender but not

    The 300 needs the bigger filter for the extra 100HP the ambulance one sounds rather military ( to be expected I suppose!) with the inner filter I've never seen or heard of that on a landrover.
  12. Td5 discovery price

    £500ish depending on spec
  13. Wolf rear springs on 90

    You can have either 90 or 110 wolfs, I thinking the WIMIKKs ( or however you smell it) that have a 5 ton gross but these have many different components and have been known to touch 6ton in operation. I don't know if the wolf 90s have their own spring but there's plenty of choice on red90's spring spec page I think HD 110 fronts are good on the rear of a 90? will.
  14. Advice, Body change, notifying etc.

    I don’t know, it was all very relaxed and straightforward which seemed very odd....
  15. Advice, Body change, notifying etc.

    As Tom says when I built a flatbed discovery I took some pictures, wrote a covering letter and sent them off with the V5 with the body style changed to pickup and seats to two. got a phone call to take it for inspection at a visa test station, nice man checked numbers matched ( I had cleaned these up for extra browny points) took a picture and said thankyou V5 will be in the post. Never even upstrapped it from the trailer.

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