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  1. Td5 discovery price

    £500ish depending on spec
  2. Wolf rear springs on 90

    You can have either 90 or 110 wolfs, I thinking the WIMIKKs ( or however you smell it) that have a 5 ton gross but these have many different components and have been known to touch 6ton in operation. I don't know if the wolf 90s have their own spring but there's plenty of choice on red90's spring spec page I think HD 110 fronts are good on the rear of a 90? will.
  3. Advice, Body change, notifying etc.

    I don’t know, it was all very relaxed and straightforward which seemed very odd....
  4. Advice, Body change, notifying etc.

    As Tom says when I built a flatbed discovery I took some pictures, wrote a covering letter and sent them off with the V5 with the body style changed to pickup and seats to two. got a phone call to take it for inspection at a visa test station, nice man checked numbers matched ( I had cleaned these up for extra browny points) took a picture and said thankyou V5 will be in the post. Never even upstrapped it from the trailer.
  5. Engine Woes 200tdi

    Mike where’s the fun in bolting parts together without the hassle of making adaptors!
  6. Engine Woes 200tdi

  7. Exploding BallJoint Caution

    This is why you always drill a hole in the top of any ball joints before heating. Machinery joints do do equally impressive things when you put a grease gun into a nipple that won’t take grease, pump hard and heat the effected area, a boiling grease jet is often ignited by the torch and creates an impressive if somewhat smelly flamethrower
  8. TD5 overheating

    Run with the rocker breather off to check for crank case pressure, mine chuffed like hell out of here, secondly run up to temp, carefully remove header tank cap to release pressure, replace and rev engine to limiter for ~20 seconds and then check header tank pressure at idle straight after much pressure indicates water/combustion interference will.
  9. Mine are/were but it was only a light sort of printed logo near the outer splines iirc ive never had them out the check ( proves they work haha)
  10. Then why not knock abit of wood in between the spare and bumper if your worried that much?
  11. Price of steel wheels

    I would pay no more than £20 each for very good condition standard steels.
  12. 110-130 stretch, high cap' differences?

    Iirc 110 is 9" longer in front of the wheel arches, you can shorten them but it's a bigger job than it looks. I'd stretch the chassis more, although you will need a custom prop.
  13. Defender Rear 1/4 or 1/2 Chassis Replacement

    1/4 or half chassis adds little or no value to the vehicle, further negating the advantages of them imho. you have done more chassis than I have but don't forget to tighten suspect bolts, they shear off far easier than struggling to undo! Don't forget new engine and gearbox mounts! will.
  14. Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    Can you get the drivers seat all the way back in these? Is there a blind spot at junctions? will.
  15. I must say I haven't heard many reports of Ashcroft stuff failing until you get into the situation where you are really over asking the axles. As standard everything is roughly equally choclatey and after spending some wonga with dave and nige everything is equally useable. If you have broken say your third cv within the warranty period surely you have exceeded the limitations of the rover axle to add there's probably not much left of the rover either. sorry it's not really helpful but I always thought these jam fuses were a solution to a problem that didn't really exist. You'd be better making a gkn overload style Hub that replaced the stub! will.