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  1. muddy

    Wise angle prop flange yoke

    They saved me hundreds if not thousands when they got me just cups and rollers for my Unimog halfshafts. as you say they are nice people.
  2. muddy

    Wise angle prop flange yoke

    Dunning and Fairbanks in Leeds. If they can’t get it it probably doesn’t exist.
  3. Both my 2012 merc sprinters to this as does my D2. never really bothered me as it seems to be an abs thing, if my 90 started doing it then I would be worried.
  4. I don't think there's anything better than what you have, why not just fold up a thin tin or Ali gaurd to cover it and make it more groin friendly.
  5. muddy

    Interesting industrial drill

    pretty full of a coat rack made of 48mm blue band and 6mm angle.... At least I could use a block and tackle to lift it off a dolly 🙄 Will
  6. muddy

    Interesting industrial drill

    Must be near me! If only I had space.
  7. muddy

    Mog 404 axles

    I'd avoid atkinson vos if possible, Westfield are very good for 404's i beleive and south cave are always extremely helpful, they have hauled me out the poo a few times. I have some 335/80R20 xzls if you need something to roll with. Im not surprised you didn't get on with them on the 109 they don't work on a mog 😂 will.
  8. muddy

    Trailer Floor preservation

    Waste oil and fit an Ifor aluminium floor on top.
  9. You could get a flatbed Ifor and go SOA to fit some lr sized tyres under the bed or cut the bed out and leave them SUA. Livestock trailers are the dearest and not much different to a flat apart from some have a HD drawbar and wider spaced axles depending on spec. I have a 12ft ex Sainsbury's box the biggest issue would probably be all the tye down hoops set in but if you know anyone handy with resin you could remove and blank if needed........ have ve you looked into the upvc ship lap type stuff? Could be another square stream. will.
  10. Evening all. I'm looking for another usb socket to charge my phone and torch, not bothered if its panel mount or even a female socket on a flylead. Having purchased one of the latter I found it to be pure chineaseium and wouldn't charge my iPhone. Is 3.2A the top whack or is there more to give now, any reccamendations for quality? I guess everything comes out the same container or a lot of it does. Only thing I don't want is any lcd display or similar as I don't like the light at night. I should add its 12v in 5v out standard chargers type stuff..... Will.
  11. muddy

    The dreaded SS Exhaust subject

    I have a td5/puma rear section as these very rarely rot out and a custom mid section to join the 300 down pipe up. The 300 downpipe last very well in my experience so perhaps just get a custom place to make you the middle bit keeping the front and rear off the shelf?
  12. muddy

    Venturing off road again.......

    chuck a new rad and larger intercooler on, egr and cat blank and a remap should see a nice improvement. I'd avoid alive tuning, Pete bell at BAS is very good. you can get wheel and tyre packages with modulars cheap enough. I would think any cheap 2" lift will do the job. Welcome to the world of D2 ownership, mollycoddle it or treat it like a washing machine. Will.
  13. muddy

    Hex holes rear C/Member

    stainless bolts and lots of coppaslip!
  14. muddy

    109 V8 chassis options?

    In the time required to mod the series body you could work and pay for a 110, change the side panels and doors and do as you wish with the front end and your sorted. Plenty of doorless 110,s about cheap.
  15. IMHO the td5 is the best engine lr ever made, perhaps a sorted rover v8 is a nicer lump but you are never going to achieve similar economy if thats a major factor(if so don't buy a landcover) they can be made reasonably powerful without becoming too thirsty or unreliable and are revvy and light making for a nice driving experience. buying a td5 gets you many other refinments in the way of gauges and tank ect.

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