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  1. However much time you think you will need, double it! I have nothing more to add than what has been said apart from try and get the glue lined heat shrink with the highest shrink ratio you can, a lot of cheap stuff is only 2:1 where's as 3:1 and upwards gives much more scope when shrinking over different sizes/amounts of wires. Al and the Skid factory on YouTube has done some pretty good wiring videos. Will.
  2. Just don't leave it in, I've done this recently, life has got very busy, I forgot to drain it, when I started it up to recirculate before flushing after 10 mins about 1500-2000rpm to warm up (its on axle stands) the top of the heater matrix let go, seems the matrix has blocked up, yet to investigate anything else as I just turned it off and left it.
  3. Oily stuff, sparky stuff, grindy bits, spinny bits....
  4. I have terrible teeth and haven't been registered with a dentist for years, I usually let them get seriously bad then go to the emergency dentist and have them extracted, when the person on the phone is asking the questions make sure to emphasise that you are already taking over the recommended dose of pain killers and using numbing cream and clove oil, they have always (thankfully!) been very helpful. I keep looking for some dentists pliers, just how do they grip so well!?
  5. I bought some of those Vtac lights you recommend ED but found them impossible to work under due to the colour, I'm supposed to have some 18000lumen daylight hi bay lights with Samsung LEDs in coming to try today so we'll see what they are like.
  6. Wedge the brake pedal down with a lump of wood or similar.
  7. Britpart haters, do you also complain when your pound shop socket set gives out and you wrap your knuckles? Buy cheap, Buy twice.
  8. HGV direct do party packs of penetrating aerosols that are effective and reasonably priced and John Deere penetrating fluid and also their chain and cable lube is very good.
  9. Put something heavy on them and cycle whilst dousing everything in lube.
  10. If you can weld then I would wire wheel and weld new brackets to the spare axle you have.
  11. you may not have to use the entire new outrigger, often you can cut and join new and old to make an easier welding position.
  12. Skip diving and a pack of fuses has won me many workshop hoovers.
  13. Just ordered some, any suggestions on how much to put in a 300tdi or kg/L coolant?
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