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  1. IMHO the td5 is the best engine lr ever made, perhaps a sorted rover v8 is a nicer lump but you are never going to achieve similar economy if thats a major factor(if so don't buy a landcover) they can be made reasonably powerful without becoming too thirsty or unreliable and are revvy and light making for a nice driving experience. buying a td5 gets you many other refinments in the way of gauges and tank ect.
  2. muddy

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Don't buy a manual D3 they are awful, the clutches are weak and did I mention they are awful? As I said before an SDV6 4 with the 8 speed box is a dream to tow with, engine brakes, picks up perfectly, no switching gears ect IMHO a manual D3 is akin to having a defender that's only 2wd.
  3. muddy

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    I put our D2 on a new chassis, I replaced all the brake lines, bushes that were removed inc chassis/body bushes, suspension turrets all body and suspension bolts a full service and oil pump bolt. Not a full rebuild just a re chassis, the parts were circa 1000 excluding the chassis. We bought it with 60k on the clock in 2014 a 2000 one lord owner base spec 10p auto 7 seater without sunroofs. Its now done about 115k it goes well, sits at 80-90 all day its a bread and butter machine but in that time its had: New chassis, All brake pipes replaced, new front shocks, springs, balljoints, axle seals one wheel bearing, steering box, intercooler,radiator,oilcooler temp sender,headgasket,gearbox out and split to replace O rings in casing between clutch packs, sills welded, rear bumper light, new ups throuought front prop, one starter repair kit, one full starter, two batterys, rear door latch. and it now needs a front calliper. Not exactly trouble free motoring but I still love it when it goes🤕 We looked at a 4 hoping to avoid the engine issues of a 3 but I couldn't justify the outlay and the thought of having a few thousand in reserve should something disastrous happen. The horror stories of snapped cranks and the cost of replacing the engine is my main turn off even though the newer models are sublime tow cars. the diagnostics is a moot point surely as you could build the cost of a machine into the budget? even a 1k expenditure will recoup itself I would think. To summerise I can't see anything that will replace the D2 and do a much better job at a reasonable cost.
  4. muddy

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Re chassis yours, easy job with a 2 post lift and you have enough in the budget to buy one. sills are nice to repair with the body off.
  5. can you not find a flywheel housing for the M57 in 4HP flavour?
  6. muddy

    Disco 2 structure

    I once tried to remove the alpine windows from a shell I had, tried cutting one and cheese wiring the other. I ended up with zero windows ha! I look forward to seeing you accomplish it in a future episode!
  7. muddy

    ibex 300 build

    4.75 diffs and a 1.2 box?
  8. muddy

    Soft top type

    Paying all that money and going to all the effort and they can't even fit defender door tops, I hope they are at least Ali ones! Sorry no idea on the top.
  9. muddy

    Decent Aerial

    Use a cb ariel with a pl259 plug soldered onto the current coax.
  10. muddy

    Swapped my S3 109 for a D2 'landmark'

    Full underside steam clean, take plastic sill covers off and fill sills and chassis with waxoyl type stuff. Full service and HD tracckrods. After that you can enjoy them!
  11. I usually sharpen drills on an upside down grinder.
  12. muddy

    Tool organisation (in vehicle)

    I have a Stanley toolbox with spanner roll and general stuff chucked in and a half inch multidrive draper socket set coupled with axe, sledgehammer, bottle jack and breaker bar behind the seats amongst other stuff but if I were going on expo I think I'd have a proper top box in an angle iron frame, I've done 1000's of miles as an ag fitter with the box in frame and it's perfect and safe, 25x2 strip on edge welded together makes excellent draw dividers and use solid bar or toob welded to a plate in the top to make pegs for sockets as socket rails won't hold much over 3/8 shallow when the going gets rough. It's amazing what you can pack in when it's organised and it's easy to get at and you notice if you have left something out. will.
  13. muddy

    Disco 4.0 V8 overheating issue - help please!

    Unlikely but the fans on the right way isn't it?... 300 tdi and serp v8 fans look the same but spin opposite ways I think. I remember someone with a 50th having issues. why not get some heads and rebuild and then do a straight swap. They aren't dear and I'm sure you would sell them if it comes to the worst. will.
  14. muddy

    Halfords Industrial Tool Chests

    Second hand snap on, go 40" wide the difference is night and day. will.
  15. There's lots of compact sticks which is what I would go for, try and get a slim one you can put on your back, I'm sure I've seen a rod carrier with a carabina clip on and a magnetic parts tray for spent rods. I have a tec arc m200i and love it for field portability can be powered from genny ect but by the time I've made a metal frame to try and life proof it it's heavy esp with 5kg of wire in it. will

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