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  1. Totally illegal but would be no bother to a sprinter, you want to see the meat vans hammering round the country...
  2. Sounds like fun Jeff! have you seen these pics floating around the internet of an unexploded bomb going through a crusher? As for lock down no different for me apart from not seeing freinds on weekends, we have moved all operations to our warehouse and packing and delivering dog food like there's no tomorrow! Will.
  3. yes, worth investing in some of the very long straight ring/ratchet spanners and chock the brake pedal down to save your fingers jamming between caliper and disc mid wrestle.
  4. Whilst unloading a wagon last week I was puzzled to see a ton bag of clippings on it, after questioning the driver it seems people have taken to Costco etc to mail order gardening supplies, I'd have never have imagined mail ordering a ton of gravel!
  5. The LT95 is quite obviously 18 more bettererr than the LT77. Another vote for just drive it here, you can always tweak the pump, you have nothing to lose. Considering my truck cab 90 tips the scales at ~1900kg I think your looking more like 2600kg, that's roughly what my transit tipper weighs. Will.
  6. They did one that looked like the halogen lights you put on your wall, but on a small yellow frame, I bought one off them about 2 years ago for £25 and its brilliant, 240 and 12v charger.
  7. The Milwaukee gear at screwfix is quite often the end of line items, make sure any Milwaukee you buy is the fuel version as these are the brushless motors. Theres a fantastic tool shop in Skipton called JACs, Pete the manager there can usually beat most deals you find on the internet and taylor a package to suit you. I’m sure they deliver they are extremely helpful.
  8. I use one of these Droking Adjustable DC-DC Boost Buck Converter 12V 24V Constant Output Voltage Regulator 5A Power Step-Up Step-down Convertor Volt Regulating Module https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07CV73XQD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_k3FGEbRD72NTM to do the exact same thing on my boost and egt gauges do they don’t lose their colour and calibration. just don’t leave it behind the dash where it can get dripped on. will
  9. You can get some handy double sided locking wheel nut removers that cut there own grip in to it.
  10. When I took my blasted chassis in sheeted up they laughed at me and said the pickle works better on rusty metal.. I would take a decent battery drill, box of drill bits and a paint marker so you can mark and drill any holes they want there and then, Trust me having to take it away is annoying...
  11. Id say go for it, you have tried your best and you are going to MOT it anyway, they have made the rules not you/us.
  12. Tapered block is lovely to use, well worth making.
  13. The 3 point linkage backhoe is not ideal, and could be a lot of fun on a fergie weight wise. I also imagine its going to be fairly thirsty. Have you looked at JCB 3Vmk2 or 3's? can be had for £1000 upwards are more than man enough for any job, yes they are abit numb but they are extremely simple and will dig all day on a few gallons of cherry. You also have very good hydraulics for flails, log splitters, other cool stuff.... That or an 8 ton 360, its hard to NOT see the usefulness in that.... Will.
  14. Definitely will if Barker gets some preservative on them....
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