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  1. I bought some cheap eBay leds and they are carp, you don't have to spend much to get a decent brand such as led auto lamps above. Britax and durite hamburgers are often cheap but have terminals on the back so can be easily swapped.
  2. Blatant off topic unless you want to stop at many many cafes whilst greenlaning? I am looking for a routeplanner app preferably on IOS that I can input more than 10 stops per route into and allow me to change the order, will tell me how long from one stop to the next and ideally link into my woocommerce website!? Currently using google maps but that limits me to 10 stops and once I have shuffled the stops round to a route that suits I have to remove them one at a time to work out how long it takes from one stop to the next. Thanks,Will.
  3. You can buy the resistors from durite to wire in parralell.
  4. Yes the diff flanges are the same.
  5. On an auto the xyz switch wiring goes down there, all the wiring drops through under the chubby box.
  6. I've just bought an Albee, 13l 300bar. 285+vat IIRC. I like the idea of a new reg every time as it travels around a lot.
  7. Red90 that is not a defender 200tdi fan cowl that's a disco 200 or defender 300. just for the threads sake I have a viscous fan cos it works so I left it alone.
  8. Any diesel place should be able to get you one there are tens of different ve pins.
  9. Apparently city folk have this white stuff?!
  10. Red diesel. Spin round the block, some ep90.
  11. I just press the brake pedal with the trans in fifth high. Use a suitable long lever with a gentle pull the springiness is not an issue.
  12. I have a 75 in the back of the van for on site duties and it's awsome. I'm not a fan of quick releases they always seem to jump just as you let go of the two sockets half a uj and a bloody heavy pto shaft you have balanced on your now very greasy shoulder. I never noticed the pipe jaw I might have to try and knock something up. definatly need a few minutes of vice talk in your series! will.
  13. Sell the 90 and buy an old disco for £400, selling the 90 will pay for most of the stuff to build the trayback. soren N/A is naturally asthmatic!
  14. 230 definitely has them
  15. Air fittings 4mm pipe and a small block with tapped holes. Look at timberwolf chippers. will.