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  1. second hand snap on, cheap and you can get parts should you do something silly.
  2. Standard height springs and shocks with anti roll bars- when you add you weight its going to be high up so extra rolly pollyness will need to be cancelled out. After the antiroll bars I would perhaps go for a higher end shock OME or Koni and save on the springs, standard landrover springs are only £15 each and can be swapped in minutes on the rear once your new shocks are on with plenty of coppaslip on the ends. Its a cheap way to find out what suits. Will.
  3. I personally would avoid many hassles and ditch the side doors just entering through the rear like 3rd row on a disco, hell even use disco seats they are comfortable enough with extra legroom. I have a tub with knackered utility roller door in the side you could cut up for the bulkhead I would swap for a hi cap bulkhead, I'm only in Leeds if you didn't want to butcher your other tub. A 110roof cut down the middle and widened would keep proportions, for the roof not too far from standard. Will.
  4. A nice Epco transmission jack would be ideal and give you something to refurbish or repaint if your into that kind of thing, also you know old diesel forklifts are pretty cheap all things considered...
  5. Dig a pit in. even if you don't use it for servicing you can use it to store stuff!
  6. Perhaps some chemical metal could have been used to glue some studs or even bolts back in to get you home?
  7. I have put gas struts on a few things and normally just wing it regarding bracketery, having too many variables seems to cause havoc so I normally start with what struts I have to hand and work from there. Will.
  8. Two hinges two gas rams and some 20mm flat bar to make a frame screwed to the cupboard and door?
  9. If you come on the 65 into Colne and over to cross hills you could head over the moor to Ilkley from riddlesden and then go towards harrogate you can cut down through DOB park and come out near menwith hill camp, from there you can drop through Darley and up over briham rocks, there's a little roman road that takes you up to the moors above Patley where there are some nice lanes. Its years since I have been around patley moor so unsure of status.
  10. IIRC ifor axles are KNOT, ALKO also make axles. Look on the ifor website at axles for an LM126 these will have the correct stud pattern and auto reverse drum brakes with a rating of 1750kg per axle.
  11. Take it in bits, you have nothing to lose. End caps and shaft nuts are often loctited (auto correct made that lactated 🤣) in place so warm with blowtorch or powerful heatgun to soften this. if it is scrap I would look at sourcing a standard ram and buying a body jack set and using the pump to operate the ram. Will.
  12. Make the jump anything Milwaukee make is brilliant.
  13. If I was going to be in the middle of nowhere a lot I would spend abit more and buy a snap on breaker bar. I bought a 3’ Long one for £110 plus vat just before Christmas. Halfords is fine if you can walk there to replace it but if your miles from nowhere and up **** creek for the sake of £80? I’d be pretty Mildly miffed off with myself. I use Draper expert sockets professionaly and haven’t had one break yet I don’t think. Before anyone accuses me of being a snob i have five or six Halfords/Draper bars in vehicles for changing wheels but I have broken too many when doing more strenuous work. Will.
  14. No wonder they can't find you, someone's crossed the address out!
  15. I bought a reconditioned one off a steam cleaner service and repair man. its a big twin axle thing with a stainless cover. It was £650 about 12 months ago. id say it has more pressure and is hotter at full temp than the archers we used to get at work, these would typicially last about 4-5 years before total death but were doing about 4 hours a day seven days a week. some proper TFR from autosmart or similar works wonders with an extendable wash brush. I think running them through with cold water after a hot wash, not letting them freeze and regular use is a major factor in longevity.
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