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  1. Run a decent sized battery cable to the rear and then split it off into a 175amp Anderson connecter and a 4 way blade fuse box.
  2. Pump the tyres up to 3 bar, remover some clutter if there is any and a roof rack if you have it and try it for a month, keep an accurate record of MPG and then you can make your decision on factual evidence, round me its fairly hilly and a 1.2 transfer box isn't any benefit and may well not be on a slopey dual carriaway. Driving at 60 rather than 70 will make a good difference, the sprinter boys get ridiculous economy bottling at 50-55 vs 70-80.
  3. Its worth buying some of the rubber caps for the various openings, having done the whole boost rag thing myself (new project desperate to get it running working late in to the evenings I was tracing down a starting issue when it eventually started on its own and subsequently died it, seen asthough it was about 1am I gave up and went home, it was about 11am at work the next day when I remembered I had stuffed a rag in the intake. luckily it balled up in the spiral hose pre turbo and I escaped with dented pride. however it gave me a very restless afternoon!) Other things include dropping 20l of engine into a tractor before noticing the sump plug on the front mudguard, spent over a week testing removing and refitting the new gearbox (cab off, cab on..) only to look up and notice some more gears damaged in the rear transmission on a large tractor, all the lot had to come back out. I think one of my finest **** ups was while doing some electrical fault finding I had to remover the rather large and expensive battery box cover on said customers tractor, shortly after I needed to test drive said tractor and promptly reversed straight over it. Oh and the obligatory slave cylinder rod retaining clip, can you even call yourself a landcover mechanic if you haven't had to take at least one gearbox back out to put that back on? perhaps we should have a tally system like WW2 fighters had for kills 😆
  4. I think you have done right adding the extra meat to the axle, dunning and Fairbank at Leeds got me new needles and cups for my mog axles(416) when mine were knackered saving me over a grand on merc parts. Fantastic work, so simple but needs so much skill and patience to actually get right.
  5. I like this kind, especially on intercooler hoses. Clampymcclampclamp
  6. Do you need 4wd for ground clearance or for traction? The AWD MAN TGE would be a consideration for me if I wasn't going over very rough terrain, Otherwise I feel you are stuck in the rut of double cab pick ups wich comes down to the ranger or hilux I believe.
  7. Yes can be done, IIRC with a 1.4 low third is roughly equivalent to high first, I generally work up to third low, depress the clutch knock the transfer box into neutral, put the main box to first, lift the clutch, depress the clutch and pull back into high. in a garbled double de clutch as you suggest. using two hands makes things a little easier I find.
  8. If you look up tool insurance there are specialist companies, I had to look into it after my box for broken into in a works vehicle. One thing I will say is take all the special tools you may have acquired or made over the years and keep them separate to your main box. these often have no value to thieves as they won't know what they are but are often irreplaceable. A friend of mine had his box stolen with a quantity of Bosch injection tools in that he had got from a closing down sale. the value to replace would be in excess of 15k and you must be a dealer to purchase them, I bet they weighed in for less than £30.
  9. A1 concrete is right on your doorstep, they do everything you have mentioned, and can do as much or as little as you would like them to do. Im sue they can advise you. Will.
  10. Just to add if you do put a pit in put a sump at the opposite end to the steps.
  11. Both, pit is very handy even outside for washing and also maintenance of large vehicles/ farm equipment. If you do put a pit in put standard size angle iron on the edges that will take a jacking beam.
  12. Does anyone here have access to Dexion speed lock racking charts? Dexion won't release them and I don't really want to pay for multiple assessments for lots of different set ups I have if I can get a rough idea what safe loading is before I start configuration. Will.
  13. I have this one and use it on stainless rivnuts no problem, couldn't be without it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/392276015231
  14. However much time you think you will need, double it! I have nothing more to add than what has been said apart from try and get the glue lined heat shrink with the highest shrink ratio you can, a lot of cheap stuff is only 2:1 where's as 3:1 and upwards gives much more scope when shrinking over different sizes/amounts of wires. Al and the Skid factory on YouTube has done some pretty good wiring videos. Will.
  15. Just don't leave it in, I've done this recently, life has got very busy, I forgot to drain it, when I started it up to recirculate before flushing after 10 mins about 1500-2000rpm to warm up (its on axle stands) the top of the heater matrix let go, seems the matrix has blocked up, yet to investigate anything else as I just turned it off and left it.
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