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  1. Is there a legal reason you cannot build one?
  2. Chassis purchase

    Also interested I fancy one for mine.
  3. Electrical help

    Ah nearly worked but it's over 10mb
  4. Electrical help

    Yes they have both perm and ign live connections, both boost and egt gauges are glowshift black 7 colour gauges, the boost one always stays green the egt is green when you ign on but drops out during cranking, they are wired into the same feeds, I will try and get a measurement this weekend as any further progress is useless without, I hear you fridge but I think the cabling is fine it fires the tdi up pretty much instantly. I did take a video but can't see how to upload it from my iPhone? will
  5. Electrical help

    Thanks, the gauges have both an ign live and permanent live, the gauge does it even with an 1100amp tractor battery that's been on charge from my mxs180 however not if you jumpstart therefore I think it's very sensitive to a small volt drop. will anysize diode do? I have some I used on my led spotlights when wiring into the reverse circuit. will.
  6. Electrical help

    Morning all, this is something petty that has been bugging me for quite some time, I have an aftermarket EGT gauge and every time I crank the engine the volts must drop and the gauge resets to its default colour blue and I like it green so have to change it. Slightly annoying is there anything I can put in its power supply to stop this? Feed and earth is both good and also exactly the same as the boost gauge next to it that doesn't do it. Thanks, will.
  7. What's my 52 plate 110 x Scottish power worth

    3.5 to 6.5 I'd say bob, I've been watching these 110s for a few months, wash the **** out of it, spray black oil on the chassis, take the wheels off and black the drive members and nuts and do the x member and tow bar and your 5k easy.
  8. Discovery 2 chassis

    New chassis time, having welded a shot blasted chassis in good condition I can tell you LR added fare more rustofast and spattertastic properties to D2 chassis.
  9. Re-flooring my trailer

    James price up to swap to a new trailer it may work out cheaper. A company called gwaza offer very well priced wheels and tyres. will.
  10. ****part 5140 Drive Members

    Sorry, I only really read the title, I bought the ****part ones! *hangs head in shame*
  11. ****part 5140 Drive Members

    I have them, not a particularly tight fit on new Ashcroft shafts and cvs but I got them at trade so they were cheap, if there's not much price difference in it I'd get decent ones. They have done three years with a fair bit of trailing and not given any bother. will.
  12. Sliding transmission mounts..

    Or a centre bar in the internal cage you can put a small block and tackle round? Then the only extra weight when competing is perhaps three carefully placed lifting eyes or tapped bosses on the casings to lift each individual box square or the pair? will.
  13. Rock/tree sliders

    Yo you will have to have holes in them to galvanise them. You could leave them as box, get some plastic end caps and then just self tapper the arch into this. I don't run any screws in the bottom of my arches so the tyre can push them out as the suspension flexs, a little crude perhaps but they always spring back and it works so I've left it. will.
  14. Refurbing hydraulic cylinder journals

    What he ^^^^^ says
  15. Half Shafts - Trimming to Length?

    You have nothing to lose cutting them surely? Ashcroft shafts were less than £300 when I bought mine.