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  1. Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    Can you get the drivers seat all the way back in these? Is there a blind spot at junctions? will.
  2. I must say I haven't heard many reports of Ashcroft stuff failing until you get into the situation where you are really over asking the axles. As standard everything is roughly equally choclatey and after spending some wonga with dave and nige everything is equally useable. If you have broken say your third cv within the warranty period surely you have exceeded the limitations of the rover axle to add there's probably not much left of the rover either. sorry it's not really helpful but I always thought these jam fuses were a solution to a problem that didn't really exist. You'd be better making a gkn overload style Hub that replaced the stub! will.
  3. Engine Flush

    I like to get red hot and then leave to drain overnight. Although I cannot stop my 300blackeneing new oil I think there's a tin of boot polish in the sump.
  4. Final help and opinions for my 110 300tdi rebuild

    TD5 exhausts were very good, personally I would use a stainless mid section to delete the silencer a TD5 tailpipe and have a down pipe custom made out of decent stainless. Will.
  5. Two or Four post lift

    flowfit hydraulics do a range of pumps and motors for a quick and simple conversion.
  6. Two or Four post lift

    I have both and use the 4 poster with jacking beam 99% of the time it's a handy workbench when doing axle work and easier to stand on when vehicle is raised to access the engine bay, if your doing a clutch you need to be in and out the cab and a two poster is a real pain for this. Two poster was good good for lifting the disco body off to build the rolling chassis up on the 4 poster and of course if you working on a car or similar where you ar all at the front then two poster makes more sense which I guess is why you see more in garages. The scissor ones seem to seriously restrict access to under the middle in my experience. 4 poster over a pit means you can have the wheels at waste height and stand up underneath without adjusting the ramp all the time. just my 2p.
  7. Tyre changing the manual way

    I think it very much depends on application and tyre pressure. If you have many powers you can as has been said soon peel valves out but tubes are good off road to stop bead peel. It it is very important to run good tubes in my opinion get proper agricultural ones theses are usually of a much tougher rubber that doesn't tear like cheap car tubes. I also run bigger tubes i.e. 900x16 in a 750x16 so the tube isn't as stretched and doesn't suffer chaffing as much although lots of talc is also very important. Carry some spare tubeless valves and a valve puller and if you do lose a tyres off the bead it's a quick job to get going again bead blasters can be had for £150 on eBay and save lots of faffing. will.
  8. Oil and temperature safe hose

    What about some flexi steel pipe like an ibaspakker exhaust?
  9. Oil and temperature safe hose

    Hydraulic hose?
  10. Probably, my mate used to work at a Bosch dealers so brought me the best ( fueleist) one out of his many spares and we put it in about 7 years ago. I cant get into the pump easy because of the OBA setup otherwise I'd have a look
  11. I have a very steep pin in my 300 it smokes like hell but spools very quickly and once there's boost all 100hp is unleashed quickly.
  12. Electrical help

    The multimeter just has one setting that shows 10A max this is where the measurement was taken so I'd guess its 0.05A? Yes both gauges are the same model and make and all three wires on both come together and are crimped into the appropriate connector. id rather not buy any more they are fairly dear! will.
  13. Electrical help

    Ok chaps, with multimeter connected in series of the permanent colour wire the it's reads nothing with the ign off and .05 with ign on. It must be drawing something as unplugging the wire loses the memory. It's hard to judge when the gauge drops out but ~10s cranking shows a low of 9.61v I'd estimate it drops out at around 10v. the diodes I have read SB5100 pec5200 and are a similar size to the coloured band on a male spade terminal will. Ps, fridge I'm insulted! This is the finest tat the Stars and Stripes have to offer carefully nailed into a British motoring icon!
  14. Is there a legal reason you cannot build one?
  15. Chassis purchase

    Also interested I fancy one for mine.