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1991 110 CSW fuel line routing

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I'm at the stage of refitting the fuel lines in my rebuild and need some guidance, please.  My vehicle was originally a V8, but now has a 300 Tdi engine.  When the swap was done, by others, I believe that new fuel lines were installed in compliance with the LR 300Tdi fuel line installation.  When I removed the lines, now nearly 3 years ago, I kept the supply and return lines together in their mounting clips.  However, old age doesn't come alone, and I cannot remember the alignment of these lines.  I believe that they ran along the top of the right chassis rail, but for the life of me I cannot remember their route from the near top, right hand side of the fuel tank to forward of the chassis cross member that is forward of the rear axle.  So, I looked in my Parts Catalogue Land Rover 110 1987 Model Year, and on p. 543, there it is, Fuel system - Fuel pipes - 300Tdi.  But the only problem is that there is no diagram.  The key of diagram item numbers and LR part numbers is there, but no diagram☹️.  Am I just unlucky in having a corrupted copy of this document, or is every copy of this document the same? 

Please, can somebody give me the details of the fuel line routing between tank and fuel lift pump?

Many thanks, in advance, for any and all info received.


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Hi have a look in my chassis swap thread as there are pics and a discussion. Simply though, they come off the front of the tank, run across to the rhs and then tuck over the top of that crossmember (there’s a little clearance space think I think). Then along the top of the chassis rail until they bend up to the pump. 

Here’s a link to the correct page in my thread. 


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Many thanks.  Your thread, and the others referenced therein, give me all the info I was looking for, and, of course, the photos help.  Just got to get on with it now.  Well, after I've helped SWMBO with preps for our annual Guy Fawkes celebration,, complete with bonfire and a guy, and plenty of liquid refreshment, of course.  Tomorrow's another day😊😊!

Thanks again for your response.


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