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Correct lights for S2

Jessie the dog

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Hi all, I am moving into the electrics stage of getting my 1959 S2 onto the road. The car came with a box full of odds and sods and I am trying to make sense of what I have and what I need. 

Headlamps. They are a sealed unit so I have ordered some Lucas 553738 adapters so hopefully they will connect to the three pins.

Sidelights & indicators - This is where it starts to get a bit more complicated. I have a selection of glass lenses. I assume the bulb holder is an earthed unit, so single wire. I am looking at new L488 bulb holders and rubber boots. Would these be correct for the car. As a couple of asides, the holes on the wing are vertical which suggests the wings have come off a military vehicle at some point? Also having tried a trial assembly, I push the glass dome into the rubber boot and then place the chrome over the lens. It falls off immediately. This wasn't done on the car. Is it as simple as that? Seems very loose for a LR...

Rear lights. I have red glass lenses and red plastic lenses which are larger and have a couple of holes through them which allow them to be screwed to the bulb holder. The stop red lens must be dual brake and side light. Which is the correct assembly for my year? I cannot think why I'd have both... The bulb holder for the glass lens appears to be a L594 dual pole to accommodate the dual function of stop and side.

Am I on the right tracks? Many thanks for your input. 

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This topic is dealt with at considerable length on the S2 club sites - old and new.

The Lucas 488 units look good but aren't necessarily correct - in some cases the correct lights look more like the currently available cheap lights.

The Lucas 488 chrome ring has to be fitted then the lower lit levered over the base of the chrome ring.  A procedure which generally ends up with scratched paint!

Lucas 488 parts and many others are available from Holdens.



the rear lights should be 3 in units - the one above the number plate having a white lens.  There are some repros available - but they're not very good - in that the holder is plastic and melts.  If you can salvage an original I think the new lens fits.  Otherwise you may be able to persuade a L488 bulbholder into the new rubber and fit a new lens.





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1959 is an early 2 so from the factory did not with large rear lights.  We have  58 and a 59 and have owned one from 1963 and known the other from 1966.  The 58 left the factory with Lucas L488 lights, white sidelight at the fron and red stop and tail at the rear and separate number plate light on the offside.  The 59 had the same configuration but with sparto lights which are almost unobtainable though the TVR club have had sone parts made asthey are used on an early TVR.


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