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  1. Start now with the seat box bolts if it has not been out recently loosen everything and lubricate, but not with copper grease. five minutes here and there until you know that they will all come undone. When you start to do the swap the pain of the seatbox will have been dealt with and will make the rest of the job easier. Peter
  2. The alloy ones do fatigue crack round the fixings due to the weight of the spare wheel on the bonnet and incorrect fitting . Peter
  3. Grind off what is left of the pin and weld on a 19mm bolt. You will never have problems with the bushes failing Peter
  4. Anyone wanting to know about DVLAs attitude to Q plates should look at the thread on the military section dealing with historic tax and MOT (I can't remember the threads exact title). On the last post I attached an extract from a letter sent to all car clubs that are part of the V765 scheme. Peter
  5. When getting information from DVLA in a phone call always ask for written confirmation. The phone operators have been known to get it wrong. Peter
  6. I dont think it would fit but a bikini top would Peter
  7. They are definitely available for an S1 (we have one) but I think the S2 variety is called a bikini roof. Just had a look at the Allwheel trim site and they list a canvas truck cab. Peter
  8. Have a bit of sympathy chaps When someone is under the weather we all know that a bit of talking therapy helps Peter
  9. Within different areas of the S2 club workshop meets are organised to provide help and encouragment for those who for whatever reason are not able to get things done on their land rover, it may be not having the skills, not having the physical capability, being ill or whatever. It is a good excuse for having a chinwag, catching up and actually helping someone. The host usually provides bacon butties (not manadtory.) If you are not a club member just ask a few of your friends on this forum to lend a hand whilst you supervise. Hop your health continues to improve so that you can get back to doing the things you love. Peter
  10. The screw and half nut on quick release vices is always the weak point and the half nut wears and the spring blade loses its tension. They can be repaired if you know what you are doing but I was trained to keep away from quick release models. Peter
  11. Put your request on the S1 and S2 club forums and the various facebook pages. It may seem odd that but a lot of S1s and S2s (mine included) have S3 boxes in. Peter
  12. It involves a bit more than that. With older vehicles they may ask for proof that the vehicle exists even if it is on the database They require "proof", home market vehicles not on their database are easy but at the moment I am dealing with a 1961 vehicle first registered in 1981. Where had it been for the first 20 years? it is not ex mil nor does it appear to have been exported. Fortunately as the S2 club is involved they will accept a club inspection (we are authorised by DVLA to inspect) otherwise it would have been an inspection by SGS who only look for numbers. As said before they now require evidence (usually photographic but it can be a rubbing) of the chassis number stamped into the chassis. They are obsessd with vehicle fraud. Even without a chassis number the club can date a S2 to within 3 or 4 months due to the number of changes that were made and have been recorded in the club archive, however DVLA still require the chassis number for dating purposes. Plus their web site is contradictory which does not inspire confidence. I know from the cases that I have dealt with there are things that were accepted 12 months ago that they will not accept now. What got through in the past may not get through now. I am watching with bated breath, there is someone on facebook who is building a lightweight on a coil sprung chassis (range rover I think he said). No documents or identities for either donor vehicle and when complete he intends to sell it. The purchaser will have no chance. Peter
  13. I am sure you could build a vehicle using Land Rover running gear and other parts and mod it to pass an IVA just like any "kit car" but DVSA say that even the last of the defenders would not pass an IVA in standard trim. Their words not mine. I have friend who builds kit cars on Suzuki Vitara running gear and he can get them through an IVA but he puts a lot of effort into the mods Peter
  14. Imported Land Rovers unless unless you can prove the build date will be required by DVLA to have an IVA (as per new vehicles) and according to DVSA they will not pass. As I said in my last comment They interpret the rules differently each week. We used to be able to get S2 land rovers registered with DVLA without a chassis number,( they would provide us with a number to stamp in). Two and a half years ago they unilaterally decided that no chassis number then it would have to be Q and an IVA. I have posted in the military section a copy of a letter from DVLA about not being able to exchange a Q plate for an age related. Over the years we have been successful with that but it is no longer allowed On various forums people quote how successful they have been in dealing with DVLA but I am talking about what it is like now. Peter
  15. DVLA will want a bit more than a UK VIN for an imported vehicle. They will require a NOVA certificate and if they are being awkward proof of the original export. I deal with DVLA on a weekly basis on behalf of the S2 club and the rules can be interpreted differently on each occasion Peter
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