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  1. A slight drop of superglue rountd the edge may stop it frpm turning sufficient to drill it out. Peter
  2. James Williams who runs HNJ is an accomplished engineer but he is also a series land rover user and thus the tools and other parts that he designs and makes. All the tools that he makes he uses on a regular basis so if a tool is made from acetal then it is up to spec to do the job. Peter
  3. You need to do something about the ammeter though. I replaced mine with a temp gauge and have a stand alone volt meter. Peter
  4. I bought new LED batten fittingings for my garage from a an electrical wholesaler in Bolton, it was cheaper than buying new tubes. Peter
  5. Remember that this is a series land rover and the original factory tolerences were quite big. If you decide to try to move the bulkhead to a more verical position remember to loosen the bolts that hold the steeringbox bracket to the chassis. I can get one side of mine spot on but the other side is a bit out even after faffing for hours, I just live with it. Most folk dont notice. Peter
  6. If you read the small print for the RAC badged one on Amazon it is only for petrol engines smaller than 1500cc, not alot of use to us. Peter
  7. As above, they need to be familiar with their own rules, it is a classic so doesnt need anything from a garage or engineer. Peter
  8. Stephen, I am planning on fitting a second battery in a box in my tub. I will be using anderson connectors but I will also be using a s[plit charge relay as per caravan and motorhome leisure batteries. They are very easy to wire up and really it is a case of fit and forget, no need to think about switches etc. I have done it enough times in camper to know that it is straightforward, just make sure the feed wires for charging are of the correct specification. (When motorcaravan converters do it they fit the smallest they can get awawy with.) Remember if your leisure battery is flat then yo
  9. Go to the series 2 club forum, there are some colour coded wiring diagrams there, they are very accurate, there may not be a S£ one there but the S2a with alternater one will use the same colour codes. Peter
  10. I too would replace rather than overhaul. MG hive sell a 1 to 1.9 servo that works well on land rovers, they are on ebay. I would also move it, being fried by the exhaust cant do it any good. They fit well on top of the footwell on either side. Mine is next to the matser cylinders but I have to take the wing off if there is a problem. (My wings can be off in 10 minutes). Peter
  11. 2 long studs in the flywheel housing often helps Peter
  12. Dont mix S2 and S3 hinges on the same door. The pivots are not in the same plane. Peter
  13. Yes but the S2 hinges are better if you look after them and change the balls before they wear out. They are only very cheap. Peter
  14. I made an inside bracket, it bolts to the capping Photo taken with the roof off from outside, there is one boly through an existing hole on top of the capping and 2 through the face Peter
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