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  1. Contact Rob Stanyer on facebook, he has imported a few sets, he may still have one left Peter
  2. Just for comparison sake so that you know what can be achieved with an engine that is properly set up. I run a 1958 S2 SWB with a late S3 5mb diesel engine, standard diffs, overdrive and 750 tyres. It will cruise comfortably on the motorway at 55 - 60 can push to 65 and have once agot to 70 on the flat. Noisy but goes well and regularly returns 30mpg on a run. Speeds are checked with a GPS speedo as the fitted one becomes inaccurate over 50mph. Peter
  3. I would be advocatingh changing your land rover shop if they are recommending going petrol istead of sorting your engine. Any competent land rover workshop should be able to correct the faults on a land rover diesel engine, they are not rocket science Peter
  4. Do you have a link to where you bought it from? Peter
  5. I have a S3 gearbox in my S2, it has done mega miles but still works OK, the gear lever is very positive, the only downside is the long throw between 1/2 and 3/4 but I can live with that. Peter
  6. Have a look at LOF clutches and Clutchfix. Both make HD clutches for land rovers and are very knowledgeable when you speak to them Peter
  7. My Wanner grease gun is more than 50 years old and has had a hard life. It still works like new it is the mutts nuts and the standard that every other grease gun should be judged by. Peter
  8. I have a Kelly kettle and I carry a bag of dry pinecones, they boil the water really quickly and there is very little ash. I also have a Coleman dual fuel stove. Peter
  9. Workshop manual, you need one for a Series 1. The good news is that they are available to download for free from http://smithies.co.nz/land_rover/ Download the parts book too, the exploded diagrams are really helpful When working on the land rover I printbout the pages i need and put them in plastic wallets. My hard copy printed manual live on the bookcase and never venture out into the workshop Peter
  10. Yes the diesel heads are heavier but I am sure that the 5Mb petrol and diesels use the same forged crank and any number of 3mb petrol engines have been fitted with a diesel crank as a replacement. In fact LR only supply forged cranks as replacements. Peter
  11. I doubt that it will exist as the Wolf was never supplied as a civilian vehicle and so such a thing would not have been needed. Peter
  12. I think the idea ofv diesel springs is a hang over fro the S! and very early S2 where theer was a real difference in weight between the 2L petrol and diesel engines. With the 2.25 there cant be a lot of difference in weight because (especially later) they share so many of the same components. There is also the difference (or should I say was) between drivers side and passaenger side springs on vehicles with the underseat fuel tank to allow for the extra weight of a driver and a full tank of fuel Peter
  13. I glue my window channel in. I have just fitted a pair of galve door tops to my S2, they came with the fitting kit. Peter
  14. Once had a puncture in our camper on the Thelwall Viaduct of the M6 on a Friday teatime, (piece of debris damaged the sidewall), changing the wheel was a nightmare but a can of goo would have been no good and I wouldnt have liked to have sat there waiting for the recovery truck. A definite scary moment. We have spares in all our vehicles and the car and camper have a can of goo for emmergencies. I wouldnt like to have to change a wheel at the side of a motorway again. Peter
  15. Contact PA Blanchard https://www.pablanchard.co.uk/ They deal in ex mil land rovers and parts. They ship worldwide Use the contact facilities on their site to askNick to sort out your belts Peter
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