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Coolant Leak Def 200tdi 1992

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It could be, if you are not using it regular you could dry it off and put something there to absorb water. you can also buy an ultra-violet dye to add to the system and trace with an ultra-violet lamp. I have made up a spare cap at times with a tyre valve to pressurise the system cold to look for leaks.

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Yes, was looking at doing that myself. The leak takes a route where it just clings to everything until it finally drops off the hose above front diff. Seems impossible to find the cause without a bit of help. 

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My water pump on the 200tdi went just like this, but there was a tell tale smear of blue down the front of the engine where the antifreeze had dried off and left deposits. It will get blown about a bit where the fan pushes air back. Best time to look is after a run when the system is hot and still pressurised. I had a further weep on the thermostat housing bypass hose. It was old/original pipe and the connector had rusted a little on the pipe to the back of the head allowing it to leak a little. It was hard to find as the drip was onto the exhaust manifold stud beneath so it dried when running, but left the bolt head wet when it was cool enough!

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