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300Tdi defender Autobox Oil cooler

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Hi Chaps,

I am replacing the gearbox oil cooler on my 300Tdi Auto 90, when I built it 10 yrs ago I had the box to cooler pipes custom made with fittings for a temp sender &  the cooler mounted to the support bars.

However I've had a new disco cooler (esr2008) knocking about and using this oil cooler will allow me to remove the support bars to fit a larger intercooler.

Can anyone tell me if I can use the Discovery oil cooler pipes for a factory looking fit or would using the 50th anniversary  cooler pipes be preferable.

thanks in advance.

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I'm doing this on my project at the minute , got a thread running in the member's vehicle section Ian's project 90 there's some pics in there and info I think . I used the standard Disco pipes and cooler but I had to get the pipes shortened so took them to Pirtek  , cost £50 I think .

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Thanks for the Info chaps, It was Ian's build thread I was looking for as I had seen the cooler setup on there, nice job your doing on the build.

I was looking for pipes that follow the chassis rails, but I'll buy a set of disco pipes and see how they look.


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Thank you . Just looked, thought I’d put the info on there but I apparently haven’t, I brought britoart cooler pipes quality seemed fine , the bloke at pirtek thought so couldn’t believe how cheap they where. I think they shortened them by 100mmish , got them to shorten the flexi bit as the steel pipes are made to go round the engine 


180mm rings a bell but I’d measure them but either way they’re close to the exhaust so I’m going to lag that . Just measured them flexi bit from fixing to fixing (including them) 120mm .

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Hi Ian, thanks for the reply is the sender adaptor a genuine part?

I had the cooler pipes made up with braided hose to follow the chassis but after 10yrs they are due a change, I used a sender adaptor from merlin motorsport to provide a fitting for my temp sender but yours looks much neater.

I'll buy the discovery pipes and see if i can get them modified to follow the chassis.

As you can see from the photo date, the cooler has been working well with no issues for 10 years but I am swapping the engine next week so going to update the cooler also.



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