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300 wont crank

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Hi all, 

drove my 90 home from work this morning, all perfect, turned it off to unlock the gates then when I went to turn it back on it wouldn’t crank, I got one half a**ed attempt to crank but that was it. Managed to bump it along the drive and it ran fine. 

any pointers on where to be looking? 

im guessing earths or battery leads possibly? 

could the starter just pack in so suddenly? 


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If it happens without warning, I'd check all cables and connections (including battery clamps), both positive and negative. I had a 2 Range Rovers where the 12V feed to the starter worked lose or broke.

Also check the starter relay, swap it with another one or put a jumper in to be sure.

It could be the starter itself, though they usually give some warning. Best to look for the easy stuff first before taking that off.

Good luck!


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As above for me too, I'd be checking the main earth connections to chassis, engine/gearbox and body, then check the starter motor it's self. It may well just be cacked up with mud and grit and just need a clean and freeing up!?!...…..Me, I have known the starter to just fail without warning but would check the other stuff 1st. If you try jump starting it from another motor and it fires up then at least you know it's NOT the starter motor and its the electrical side of things. 

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Hi, its possible that your starter motor is heat soaking, i.e when hot it fails - I have seen this a fair few times at work, typically happens more so on cars as the engine bay temps are much higher,  as others have stated check all connections etc first and if in doubt when the problem happens again give the starter a few taps.

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