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40 year MOT expiry


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Morning , 

Just a quick question re 40 year MOT exemption , does the car need an actual 40th year MOT?

The situation I am in is this , my MOT next year (year 40 ) expires in July , 

However my series wasnt manufactured until September so technically im assuming it requires an MOT from  July until September.

Is this the case? if not can I just park it up for 6 weeks or doesnt it require a valid MOT when the 40 years kicks in 




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I've just taxed my Series 2, the DVLA website knew that it was MOT exempt even though there was no MOT history as it ha been off the road since before computerised MOT certificates.

I will say that I'm in the process of rebuilding it and will need to take it for paint at some point. The taxing it before it was finished was just an experiment, I assumed that as there was no history on their database I would have to get one more MOT done but the website asks for an owner declaration that the vehicle is safe.

I will get a full inspection when it's finished - just to make sure I've put it back together right!


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