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Rear de mist switch

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A latching switch does what it says and latches in the ON position until it is operated again when it goes back to OFF. So no, a latching switch wouldn't run through a timer relay. These have a MOMentary switch that just pulses a signal to them in order for them to click ON for the timed period.

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Oops  😊

That’s what I actually meant. Really should proof read before I send 


appreciate the very quick reply 👍 


next question will probably be hazard lights. All 3 of the switches in this panel just crumbled while I was removing dash 

 I have seen landymanlukes write up, so will try decipher using that


thanks again 



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Told you i would be back

can I change my disintegrated hazard switch for one of these ??

And if so ,, using Lukes write up how the hell would I hook it up??


i bet Ed Poore is glad he’s on the road today. 


info on diagram below looks a bit Chinglish ??



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Well this won't be much help but my hazard switch (now using a Carling Contura V) has the following connections:

G - IGN switched +12v

P - Permanent +12V

GW - to RH side indicators

GR - to LH side indicators

LGN - to turn switch common

LG - to flasher relay

plus an earth and illumination

Not sure if your switch will easily swap in.

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