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Military trailer - Rubber spring Type 530 FV500501


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Really annoyed that on moving garages , a dismantled trailer I had stripped , one of the rubber springs has walked !! 


Looked everywhere and think the dog has thought it a rubber toy and vanished it !! 

Anyone know of a second hand one kicking about or a surplus dealer who handles trailers ?? 


Many thanks in advance - Qhriss 

Rubber Spring FV500501 - Type 530.png

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On 11/13/2020 at 6:52 PM, David Sparkes said:

This isn't exactly what you want, but Aeon springs are now made by Timbren in the USA.
For spring Specifications see  http://timbren.com/aeon-springs/

The UK contact is Ride Solutions at http://www.rubber-suspension.com/

I haven't dealt with them for some years.



Yes, David  is still selling , for the benefit of other users on here , similar price too - unlike what is quoted on Ebay from the US   !! 



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From Ride Solutions.

Timbren Hollow Rubber Springs are mounted between the frame and the axle of light duty trucks and vans or between the frame and the leaf springs of medium and heavy duty trucks.  Hollow rubber springs work in conjunction with the existing suspension to improve your ride and protect against the effects of overloading.

Not relevant to this topic but from the web page above. So they encourage overloading of vehicles then!

The picture shows a car with compressed suspension due to overloading which is corrected by the use of the springs. The suspension droop is the warning sign that you have too much weight in the car and it is unsafe. Covering up this sign is incredibly dangerous.

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