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Rear Springs

Don Johnson

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I have a 1975 Range Rover that still has the Boge and soft springs. The Boge has gone out and the car bottoms out on the shocks when i have a load in the rear.

It is my understanding that the Rovers equiped with the self leveling Boge has a softer spring rating than the ones without self leveling.

The problem: I live in remote Costa Rica and do not have access to a dealer of mechanic that knows anything about the car.

What do I ask for when I order shocks to assure I received the correct shocks to fix the problem?

Is there a way to raise the rear of the car and still use the original soft springs?

How have you fixed the problem on your car?

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Were there ever any coil sprung range rovers that weren't fitted with self levellers? I didn't think there were, but I'm not sure :unsure:

Stiffer springs does seem to be the usual solution - think you can get replacement self levelling units (they aren't repairable), but no-one seems to fit them, even though lots of people say the soft spring and leveller combination works really well. Then again, many people on here are running suspension lifts, which makes the leveller at best redundant (unless the brackets are modified to raise it).

I can't see any reason why you would need to change the shocks from standard unless you changed the ride height of the car with the new springs (from standard, not from it's current sagged state).

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Police spec springs are a popular and cheap upgrade, about £10 per spring, I'm sure Paddocks would ship them out although it might cost a fair bit!

I got mine from Paddocks, £10 a go and cheap disposable shocks @ £9.50 each. Delivery was less than £20.

Daresay carraige to Costa Rica would be more than i paid though...


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