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"Camera unavailable. Please consult your dealer" (or similar) on Disco 4 (others may be similar)

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If you want to cut to the chase: If you get the above message, and have an error code on a parking sensor, change the sensor... 🙂

Sorry if this has already been covered, I did a couple of searches but they seemed very slow and unproductive this morning...

I got the headline message a few months ago now, so I put the Gap IID tool on it and found no faults on the camera.

Next did a few searches (here and other places) and google pulled up loads of horror stories... "£600 for main dealer to investigate - still not fixed", "replace camera loom", "replace camera" etc etc.

But my camera sometimes worked for just a few seconds so I didn't think it was actually a problem with the camera..

Then I remembered that there was  as fault code on one of the rear parking sensors, so I changed that (cost £11 ish, I think) and that fixed it.

I would strongly advise washing the car thoroughly before starting this job (the bumper traps a lot of mud), and arm yourself with some anti-rust products before removing the bumper 😉😆. Youtube shows where all the gotchas are (hiddent trim pins for example), but for me the most difficult aspect of the job was separating the parking sensor loom connector while balancing an ungainly bumper on my knees...

Further googling would appear to indicate the the camera is 'dumb' and can't throw any codes, but that if any of the sensors a faulty then the whole of the system is deemed faulty and stops working. So in my case a single faulty rear sensor stopped all other sensors, and the camera from working. I earn my beer tokens as a programmer, and boy, is this lazy exception handling!

Oh and one more thing - it appears that the reversing lights may be included in the "reversing system" since even after replacing the faulty sensor, the camera didn't work until I plugged the rear light units back in...

Hope this helps somebody.



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