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ID this loose pipe from Puma engine bay?

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Hi folks - tried this on another forum with no joy, but usually get lucky with the more technical queries on LR4x4.

I found the pipe in the pics below loose in my 2.4 Puma engine bay after it came back from the garage following a chassis swap. It was sitting on top of the heater, but I can't for the life of me work out what it is. Its either supposed to be fitted and has been left off by the garage or it has been replaced and this is the old one... or its a handy bit of pipe from another car that a tech has used for an unknown process.

Any ideas?

Its quite distinctive with the O-ring on the tip of the fitting and it does have a faded label on it which says "part nxxxx XX XXX61" and a date. The format of the font is different to anything I've seen in LR world before so I'm thinking it might be a ford (TDCi) part?

I'm speaking to the garage tomorrow, but would be good to gauge what it is so that I don't get a brush off - I can't see anything obviously missing from the engine. They do a lot of work on TD5s and TDis so there's always a chance it was sitting nearby and a tech has placed it on my heater for safe keeping.

Thank you.



IMG_0510 - Copy.jpg

IMG_0511 - Copy.jpg

IMG_0512 - Copy.jpg

IMG_0513 - Copy.jpg

IMG_0509 - Copy.jpg

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thanks lads.


It turns out I was worrying about nothing, the lads at the garage recognised it instantly as a bit of handy pipe they use for bleeding a pump or other. It wasn't a bit off my car, so no drama. Could well have been off a PAS box originally though.


Thank you for your replies though.

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