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  1. early 110's used it as well.not sure about the controls though.
  2. have you adjusted the clutch pedal, it's on a eccentric bolt.if it's at it's lowest point you won't get full cylinder stroke, and the clutch will not clear..
  3. make sure you don't pull the push rod off the release arm when you remove the slave cylinder,as this will ruin your day as it's a git to reattach.
  4. the cam cover is probably fine,the injector seals leak causing excessive crank case compression blowing oil out everywhere. i'd check those first
  5. Dorset auto spares do half size argo shield bottles. £60 deposit and £40 refills and they deliver.
  6. normally the compressor output is weak,as the piston ring is made of plastic for some unfathomable reason.on the plus side somewhere on the web steel pistonring kits are available the US i think.
  7. sorry i don't know the part number for the cork seal,but when mine needed replacement i found that deisel fuel sedimentor o ring (there square in section) worked very well,hope this is of some help
  8. hi there just a thought,but could you not mount a standard 90 tub in the standard place and just (i say just) make the doors 7 inches longer,and make a filler panel from the seat box to the tub bulkhead.you will still have to lenghen the roof,but you would end up with better seat recline and some storage space behind the seats?
  9. hi have a look at the rear diff mount,the front is prone to go and cause a heavy knock but if badly gone will pull the prop aout of line and make some horrible noises
  10. just a quick thought have you checked the rocker shaft is not cracked or even snapped,have none this to have happened.The tappet clearances go mad and it will stay together when removed suprisingly enough
  11. 10 thou mate no idea what that is in new money sorry
  12. must have been a little cantilever box for only £2000
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