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Hi all,

First Post on here so be gentle!

I've just bought an early 2003 td5 station wagon. It was bought direct from the MOD auctions in 2018 by Agricultural and Cross Country vehicles (exmod.co.uk) and they have confirmed it was in Cyprus until 2018.

I just wondered if anyone has any more info on this type of vehicle or whether any can be found from the MOD.

It's a pretty basic spec red SW with the addition of air con. 

Many thanks.

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12 hours ago, western said:

Its a big plate about 3 x 6 inches, you can't miss it, BUT if its a white fleet vehicle leased by Lex, then it may never of had the plate as these would of been registered by the leading company as normal non military vehicles. 

OK cool. That would make sense. I had a good look around and couldn't see it. There are a couple of rivets in that location that would fit with a plate that size so even if it had one it may have been cut off.

I have put some details into the Merlin search so you never know. 

I thought even the auction listing from Brightwells would help build up a bit of history but haven't found it yet. 

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  • 3 months later...

Just to close this out I never did find a plate or anything else so I guess it was just a white fleet civvie vehicle then.

Definitely spend along time in a dry warm climate though.....judging by the layer of fine dust or sand that is behind everything I touch.

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