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Goodbye front silencer

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I've be tickling my 110's belly this afternoon, recently when Les H & myself changed the clutch, Les noticed the 3 bolt clamp ring on the front silencer was broken but still secure, so last week I did a temporay joint with 2 U clamps & a repair wrap. (the complete system is a Double S system originally fitted back in August '97)

To make a permanent fix was fairly easy, I bought a straight through pipe section from Double S the section (Double S part number SSLR96) concerned is actually for a V8 110, but just happens to be the same length & shape as the TD part,


so it just had to be fitted this afternoon.

looking forward --- the old busted front silencer section, you can see the temp repair at the forward end.



looking rearwards --- the new replacement pipe, :D 'ere someone's nicked me silencer :rolleyes:




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Well using my 110 for work this week & last weekend a long trip up country & back, the turbo seems to spool up easier with this new through pipe & there doesn't seem to be a great increase in noise levels. so in all I'm very happy with it, as a side effect of the x-brake & this pipe the transfer box & overdrive oil fill/level plugs are easier to get to, so all round a win for me.

BigSi the part number is near the end of line 3 in my orignal post above 'SSLR96' this is Double S's part number NOT a LR part number, the pipe is stainless steel.

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