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Atlast BBC gets both sides


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Finally the BBC Breakfast show, that bastion of all things accurate and unbiased :D, had another 4x4 discussion this morning.

The difference was this time the finally got someone involved who knew what he was talking about.

Todays show included Top Gears Quentin Willson to keep this sane.

Whilst the "Safety Campaigner" :lol: complained about 4x4 use is unfair to drivers of cheap tin boxes as a 4x4 driver had a safer car :) Quentin kept to the subject that eco issues have nothiing to do with 4x4 's as it is all to do with emmissions not number of driven wheels, and compared a oil burning school run 4x4 to a ministers Omega.

Now the BBC want to see veiwer respone. Strangely there is no link to the topic on the website.

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The best bit was when he compared the fuel consumption of a Range Rover to a Mercedes S-Class and observed that nobody was campaigning against those*.

The dozy hippy clearly hadn't the slightest idea what he was talking about ('Mercedes whatever you said') and he just laughed at her - as did I.

* Incidentally, the idea of smoking about in a cheap W140 or W126 is quite tempting on these cold mornings :D

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