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Wing repeater indicator


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Before I break it, how do I remove the cover to replace a bulb?  There isn’t a retaining screw holding the cover on, so does it slide or pull off?  It doesn't want to do either at the moment.


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It pulls off. There are two plastic pins towards either end in the middle horizontally. I find it best to wiggle them up and down whilst pulling to try not to break them


They only seem to come in 2 options, stuck on and nothing would shift them or falling off!

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Smal flat blade between wing & rear of the len, ease it out, there are 2 pins thst push into plastic grommets in the wing, then rotate & pull the bulb holder out to swap the bulb. 

My 110 has the same repeater indicators

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Hmm,  orange lens cover has come away leaving the black plastic backing plate in place.  Moss and “jelly” growing inside !!  Orange cover is suffering UV deterioration with loads of cracks.  I’ll fit 2 new ones just need to sort a part number.  Thanks both for help.   

Part #  PRC7044

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