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Td5 help

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Hi guy , wondering if any one could help me out? 
i have a td5 d90 i have just rebuilt and for some reason im having a couple issues it starts and drives fine , but even from a cold start the temp gauge is in the red soon as u turn the key , 

ive also noticed the fuel gauge is very slow 

i had a look last night and didnt get very far is the ment to be 12v at the sensor?


also noticed that there is 2 grey plugs next to the master cylinder coming from the chassis but there’s only one coming out of the bulkhead?? I had another defender slightly newer and that has two grey connectors coming out of the bulkhead and two coming up on the chassis not the ones in the transmission tunnel I’m talking about the ones that flip right onto the master cylinder side. Any help Would be greatly appreciate

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