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can i fit +2" shocks and still run standard springs?


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The disco is going to need some new shocks soon...

I use it for work everyday, and put a rooftent on it, so lifting it isn't realy an option (and i've not seen any springs apart from OME that i'd spend my money on)

But i would like to make a few little changes to improve its on, and off road handling...

i'm going to get some uprated shocks (pro-comp are looking favorite, due to price, performance and lifetime guarantee) can i fit +2" shocks and still use standard springs, or will the shock bottom out when the spring is under full compression?

i don't want to fit longer bumpstops, as this will reduce my bump travel, but thought i might get a little more droop travel from longer shocks...?

any ideas...??

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Quite simply


But you will need rear spring retainer plates and cones



thanks for your reply..

My disco has those black rubber spring isolators above the springs (fitted as standard) if i fit rear cones, how do i get on with the isolators?

and what are spring retainer plates? are they the flat strip of metal that clamps the spring to the axle cup?



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The isolators will still fit, just will push up into cone/relocation device if fitted on to top and stay there. Alternatively you can go for chassis mounted relocation device like the QT ones and you can leave the top of your spring alone.

The retaining plate is there to hold the spring in place and on the rear is a rectangular piece of metal. Sometimes comes with relocation device as a kit or sold separately. Easily available from the likes of Paddocks etc.



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