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Fitting a FIA type switch to a TD5


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Any sparky out there that know's how to wire a Battery Cut out switch to a td 5 please let me know?

I have been told to just fit a cut out to the + lead as when the power is cut it will shut off the ECU and the engine etc will shut down, but not sure.



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Are you talking about a battery isolator or a proper FIA engine cut out switch? Not that I can help with wiring one in a TD5 as I don't know enough about TD5 electrics, but hopefully someone else will.

You don't want to stop an engine of any sort with just a battery isolator as you may pop your alternator.

Edit: Sorry just noticed the FIA bit in the title. You need to wire it up properly to protect you alternator etc. The 'ignotion' part of the switch which goes to coil live on petrols and fuel solenoid on Tdi's is the wire that I wouldn't know where to put on a TD5, fuel solenoid or ECU?

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Peter this was put in the www.lro.com Defender archives on the old forum before it went apex over base.

As it could have been in one of my posts it might not be there anymore.

The FIA switc was discussed with regard to the TD5.

AFAIS there shouldn't be a problem as long as you follow the instructions. Hey :ph34r: What do the WRC guys do with that switch and I bet their electronics are more complicated than the TD5.

mike FOAK


I can cause trouble in an empty house !!!

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