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Identity crisis (no NOT me..!!)

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Does anyone know what the double pulley on the right is from?


The left hand one is my original, which I took off.

The middle one is from a 1989 110 2.5TD, which I now have fitted.

The right hand one was supplied second hand when I brought the vibration damper. According to them it's an original Land Rover pulley but they didn't know what it was from.

I never ended up using this pulley as I was never sure whether the pump would be rotating to fast for the PAS box so ended up sourcing the 2.5TD pulley instead, but it's always bugged me as to what it's off of.

Ideas anyone?

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Thanks for that.

Yours looks the same but the pulleys are reversed, the large one at the back and the small at the front, whereas mine has the large pulley at the front and the small one at the back...!! :huh:

Probably not a 200Tdi then?

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Nope, the large one is in the centre on mine, note the water pump/fan/alternator belt runs in the rearmost groove/pulley, centre is empty [air cond pump] & front is power steering pump belt. another view


I suspect the unknown pulley is for a 2.5n\a diesel with manual [non-power] steering with air cond.

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