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Whats this on my S1 brake drum?


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What is the band round the brake drum for?

Is it some sort of anti squeal or what?



It might be but i have never before seen or heard of this idea :unsure: . My guess is that a previous owner has fitted it because the drum is cracked :o and they did not want to fit a new drum. Play safe and junk that drum and any others that have this on them and fit new ones. :)

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Contact one of the technical officers on the S1 website before you destroy something that might be of importance. You could also contact James Taylor via LRE. I have his 'Original Land-Rover series 1' book here. I'll have a look through it to see if those things get a mention.

I would tend to agree with Andy - something to do with keeping the brakes clear of mud.

Les. :)

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