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Steering damper

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Morning all,

Passed the MOT yesterday, but given advisory about steering damper bushes worn. Looking at the damper it looks older than the defender does! so I was just going to change the lot.

My question is, for mostly road going miles with heavy loads will I notice the benefit of paying £45 for a Bilstien damper or will £11 for an Armstrong one be just the same as the OE one??

any ideas?


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I don't believe you will notice any improvement over a cheap Armstrong one. After all you probably didn't notice anything wrong with your current damper before the worn bushes were pointed out. I think Woodhead ones were fitted as standard.

Expensive aftermarket shock absorbers can improve the ride of the vehicle compared to standard, but I believe an expensive aftermarket steering damper is a waste of money. After all you will have to replace the armstrong one 4 times for the price of 1 bilstein. In my experience a standard steering damper can last over 100,000 miles!

Just my opinion of course.



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Guest diesel_jim

I fitted an OME one to my 90 instead of the original one..............

noticed no difference at all, apart from that it was yellow like the rest of the dampers! :D

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