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200 Tdi rebuild


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Got the engine fired up today after a full rebuild, +40 rebore etc.

Started first time and once the fuel system purged and excess rebuild

lube cleared ticked over sweet as sugar. Cold idle quieter than

my mates warm 300 Tdi who called in just as I fired up.


Went for a run of a bout ten miles and the sodding front crank oil

seal is leaking. Brand new OE and every care taken on rebuild.

Crank tail was perfect and didn't leak previously.

SERIOUSLY UNHAPPY.. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry::angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

What does one have to do to achieve an oil tight Land Rover ????

Fit a Jap engine ??????????????????????????????????????????

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What does one have to do to achieve an oil tight Land Rover ????

Fit a Jap engine ??????????????????????????????????????????

put no oil in

But joking aside i had a SHB chap come round to my house to look at my old 200 Tdi 90. And that did not leak a drop of oil and was abused and had oil in it. He said to me that it did not leajk oil nor did it have signs that it had. He said it had been ages since he had seen a land rover with no oil leaks. I then thought about the trucks SHB have and said to him, But all of SHB's land Rover are new or no older than 2 years. He just looked at me and said " as i said it has been ages since i have seen a Land Rover with out a leak"

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I was the same when I had to fit a new crank to my 200TDI, thanks to the ar****le who sold it to me. Told me it run sweet as a nut so took him at face value. When it was fittted it did run but when I went to change the timing belt found a new 1 in there but lots of plastic metal holding the woodruff key in. So I bit the bullit and replaced the crank. I then went through 3 rear crank seals in a matter of days. All genuine and same as you fitted properly using the plastic sleeve bit that comes with it. APITA. But now it runs sweet again.

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