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Defender 110 footwell tray like mats


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I've got a full set of Genuine LR mats with the tray. £50 for the front and the same for the back.

The rears lock together, so there's no leak path in the middle, which is nice. The tray works very well and will hold a fair amount of liquid.

My front passenger door at the bottom front edge / corner leaks, but only from road spray or puddles as I haven't waded deep enough yet.

You'll find that the water gets UNDERNEATH the rubber mat and soaks the carpet, unless you wade very deep and get over 3/4" of water in your footwell, but as the mat covers the entire carpet, you'll have to be serious to flood it.

I inspect my carpet every weekend, remove it if wet and leave it over a radiator in the kitchen for a day. It's soon dry and hasn't smelt odd yet. When it does start to pong, I'll buy a new carpet. Must fix that leak as well!

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