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Yes and no - Yes I do know and no it isn't the same :) though it is fundamentally the same ZF 4HP22 box, the settings are a bit different

The torque converter is different for a start (different stall speed), and I am virtually certain that the shift points are different as well to suit the different characteristics of a diesel engine, though having driven a 300Tdi auto with the "proper" gearbox in I can't see how it could be any worse <_<

There may also be other differences, I daresay you could make one fit t'other but how well it would work I don't know. Then again I read somewhere that the change points AND the TC stall are at lower engine rpm on the V8 box and I would say that both of those things are desirable on a diesel as the Tdi auto just seems to be all revs to me, so maybe it would be an improvement :)

Have a word with Ashcrofts would be my advice...

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