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More oil leaks

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While my gearbox is out in a couple of weeks, I'll look at repairing the leak at the rear of the engine. If there's oil getting into the bellhousing, it's the dreaded 300Tdi crank rear seal? What bits do I need? I've heard that the seal might be fine but the housing/carrier leaking instead?



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I didn't do the t pieces in the bearing cap because I didn't know about them :( Would they cause the main rear seal to fail ?

Les, mine didn't separate but the Britpart one leaked like buggery ! so much so that a week later on the day of a trip to Wales I pulled it all out again to fit a genuine one which didn't leak as much.


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The 'T' seals aren't a pressure seal, more of a gasket really, so they would just weep I think. I don't think they would make the main seal go. I've never had to replace them and this is the first time I've heard of them being a common problem.


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