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Different Types of Land Rover Diff

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Hello again everyone!

I posted some time ago regarding some steering problems I had, since then I managed to pin this problem on the CV joints, mainly the offside but the other wasn't much better.

I've managed to get hold of another complete axle from a low mileage vehicle that seems in excellent condition. Only thing is the Diff appears to be different...

I have attached 3 images of my old "standard" diff and 3 images of my "new" diff.

Standard Diff:

I have 2 plugs which I have labelled Drain and Level Plugs. I'm sure this is correct but if I'm wrong someone please put me right!

New Diff:

I have 3 plugs, which I have Labelled A, B and C.

A: I assume this is simply a different type of Drain plug?? It has a large slot in the bottom.

B: This must be the level pug, same place as standard diff but different type of plug which is fine.

C: This is the one I really need help with..what is this one for? another level/drain??

Thanks for all your help in advance!







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As you say A=drain, B=fill/level and also C=fill/level.

B and C should both give the same level, well near enough anyway. I believe some diff pans, I think it was early ones didn't have the fill/level plug in the pan, only the drain, and the fill/level plug was in the diff housing as per your photo of C.

I have a diff will a fill/level in the housing, but simply ignore it and use the fill/level plug in the diff pan.

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hi mathew'

i think the plug C in the diff indicates an imperial (earlier) diff the ones without a plug in are metric, not sure what the score is with splines but i suppose if you change the whole axle it won't matter anyway.

good luck paul

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shafts etc all swop between imperial & metric diffs in my experience. only difference is the size of the bearings. not sure if both types of bearing have the same ID - hence swoppable but you can get sleeves for them to fit metric bearings into imperial housings.

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