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Transmission slop

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Ok I've got a 300TDi 130 with 95,000 on the clock there is about an 1/8 of a turn of slop in the transmission, I.e I can twist the rear prop an 18th of a turn when underneath the vehicle, its twice as much slop as the front. It always has had a bit of clunk all the time I've owned it. I'm not even sure its getting any worse I probably just didn't have the stereo as loud on way home tonight!

Is it any thing to be worrying about? Is it a known fault? What do I do to fix it? and how much is it likely to cost roughly??!!! Questions, questions questions LOL I'd just appreciate some oppinions.

Thanks very much


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That amount of play is quite normal for a Salisbury axle. Don't worry about it. Learn to drive smoothly.


I've always driven it smoothly, I think i've only noticed it tonight as I was knackered coming home and was sat in traffic!! and have convinced myself it was getting worse lol!!



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