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Steering column removal?

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How do i go about removing the steering column from a TD5 bulkhead, at the top the ignituion barrel is fixes by what appear to be torque shear bolts and have no heads to undo them with, and the other side of the small hole in the bulkhead are 2 plates and masses of bolts and welds....


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Just drill out the shear bolts CAREFULLY. If you slip with the drill you'll take out the ali housing. As for the nuts and bolts, its just that nuts and bolts. A small plate on the b/head where the column pokes through and 2 bolts at the base where it joins the steering rod(?) which joins it ti the steering box. Don't forget the bolt that joins to the b'head on the inside, located by the vent lever/ wheelbox for wipers. PITA to get to.


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Dont bother drilling out the shear bolts - just use a chisel to make a slot in the top for a screw driver - they are not tight, and the material is so soft the slot is made easily

If you want some spares give me a shout, I've got some lying around :)

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