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Joy of of owning a Hybrid


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A month ago I got in my V8 LT95 fitted hybred and the clutch peadal went down to the floor!

I gave it a few pumps and had a clutch again. A week later and the same thing happened, only this time I could not get it back.

My first thought was cylinder seals. So off I went and got new seals, pulled the master cylinder and slave and duely changed them.

No change pedal still goes to the floor!

Next I got a second slightly newer spare master cylinder and pulled out the pedal box etc. to change it, but still using the innards fom the other as it had the new seals.

Guess what pedal still goes to the floor.

Sooo, now I use the Easi Bleed again only this time I forget to take it off when I try the pedal. Hurrah clutch works!!

Oh hang on take the Easi Bleed off, pedal to floor. :angry:

Now I put a short blocked pipe on the master cylinder rather than the pipe to the slave cylinder, loads of pressure on the pedal.

Run out of time leave it to next weekend. :(

Eventually after taking everthing off the landy and trying it on the bench (OK on the bonnet) I notice that the slave piston is only moving 3/4 of the distance of the cylinder and retracting after each stroke.

Having checked the clutch actuating rod on the gearbox I decide that the piston is not getting anyway near far enough to even start moving the clutch! :blink:

So after a Litre of brake fluid and two weekends, it wasn't the cylinders it is excessive pedal travel from a worn out clutch.

Short term fix add a second piston (spare after using the seal fix kit) as there is no rod adjustment to the slave cylinder and whoopee the clutch now works again :D

Long term I need a new clutch soon as the plates are not as thick as they were. :o

I started to blame LR for poor design that the slave cylinder travel runs out before the clutch is worn out but with more thought and I realise that it is more likely that the problem is due to the mod of making RR Classic pedals fit a Series body!

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i had the same prob no pressure on the pedal at all loadsa fluid in the pot

decided to bleed it and now have loadsa pressure again

still working so i'll keep spare cylinders n fluid in the car til it breaks again

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Yes past tense it only got to join two Land Rovers together the once!

It doesn't have any flexy pipe just not attached to the body very well so it floats abit in the middle.

The bit about the bent clutch arm, does this happen often? I know about the chip fat engine problem of the arm breaking through but not that the arm on an LT95 can bend?

Picture of one would be great :unsure:

Thanks for the help.

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