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Using Series II or III bulkhead for a Series I


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Hello :)

Is it possible to modify a Series II or III bulkhead to Series I specification without a major fabricating job? I haven't got anything to make a comparison, but I'm wondering if you can re-make the A-posts to match the earlier wings and doors - things like that!

I'm not too worried about making it exactly like a Series I bulkhead, with all the exact details etc, but if that's relatively straight forward then all the better.

Thanks very much :)

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Wow, I never thought of that! I know someone who has a Lightweight, so I'll be able to have a look. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm down in Dorset by the way. I'm looking for a way to put together a Series I body out of bits. I have or know of most of the bits I need, but the bulkhead is going to be a problem. I've got a good Series III bulkhead though, hence the original question!

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i'm fairly sure that the later bulkeads are wider by a couple of inches but how simple it would be to narrow i don't know.

have you considered making one out of box section as i think this could be easier than modifying.

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I made a bulkhead for my 86" from 2" box and bits from a S2 bulkhead.

I cut out the shelf / dashsection (identical to 86") and welded this into a box cestion frame. The gearbox section in the middle was cut from the origional S1 bulkhead but I expect a S2 one is the same. The foot wells I just made from scratch from sheet steel. Never did sort the ventilation flaps they are there but open and close as they feel like.

You really would need an origional S1 to take some measurements from but after that the origional was pretty basic so not to bad to copy.

Have fun.

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