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On behalf of someone.

I've never used Discoparts myself:

I've ordered a D2a CDL actuator from them and since we ordered it we have had no replies to phonecalls or emails, and now i'm worried that the CDL wont be coming.

The thing is, i want know whether or not it is on the way, so if i have to i can buy another CDL from somewhere else.

According to the order it has been processed and is on it's way, but it has been 5 nearly 6 weeks now and nothing and i don't want to risk buying another from elsewhere and then the Discoparts CDL arriving and i'm stuck with 2.

Have you heard anything about them whether they are still going or even better you know someone that lives near the shop and go in and see them for me.

Any help would be very appreciated.


TIA Tony

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My mate had Discoparts make & fit a rear bumper up for him a couple of weeks ago. He said, Discoparts said they were very busy with orders at the moment. So their still in business.


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The owner is a mate of mine but I have not seen him for a while it strikes me as unusual for them not to return calls and emails.

Mark Casey was the memberships secretary for the freelander club when we first started out and started disco parts then.

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