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Petrol to go up

Les Henson

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According to the BBC news this morning, petrol will hit £1 per litre this summer due to 'increasing demand, the problems in the Middle East, and rising fuel duty. Petrol companies seem to be having to use all three main reason for raising fuel prices to fool us into thinking they 'have' to put it up. Wonder how much profit these companies making? I doubt they would sacrifice their fat profits instead of caning the poor consumer yet again. :angry:


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it's not fair to beat up the petroleum companies- most of their profits come from commercial business- very little comes from retail sales- also their profits feed our pension pots so it's not a bad thing.

what is a bad thing is just how much of the price of petrol is made up of tax- indeed duties and taxes make up 75% of the cost of petrol- it's just another underhand way for the government to take money from us. It is often proven that in the UK we have one of the lowest petrol costs in Europe- we should be thanking the petrol companies not beating them up.

interesting PDF on it http://www.ukpia.com/Portals/0/Repository/...mp%20Prices.pdf

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Just reading in Private Eye that transport minister (mr Ladyman) was encouraging everyone to use buses - his expenses bill for travel was one of the highest and included NO bus fares whatsoever :rolleyes: what hope do we have?

Even if fuel is £1/litre I can drive a V8 Range Rover on any journey for less than the cost of public transport, surely something's wrong there? :lol:

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whats wrong is the government has us over a barrel and knows it

it flogged off public transport for a fortune, and now can blame high travel costs on the privatised companies (who got stuffed to be honest); govnt undoubtedly knew that this would remove public transport as a viable option for all of us.

then have therefore engineered a situation where we HAVE to use cars to move around. now the govnt can pretend that they are being "enviromentally conscious" by forcing up petrol prices to "drive" us off the roads. Of course they know that the price or petrol is now totally inelastic (ie the government can charge what they want and we have to pay it), and are totally taking advantage of us, they can spin this as as "green" tax for our benefit too. Bargain.

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