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Recovery Techniques


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We have an off road club over here in Dubai called ME4x4.

It's been proposed that we'll be having a recovery workshop day soon to demonstrate the various methods of safely extracting stuck cars, rolled over ones and any other sort of phopar that you could possibly get into whilst four wheeling in your LandRover or other make of car come to that.

Any advice welcome towards making the weekend a safe one and also a valuable learning experiance for our members.

Has anyone ever undertaken any training in safe vehicle extraction or do alot of people pick iy up from the other lads as and when things happen in quarries, lanes etc?

I'd imagine most of the UK brigade are well versed in mud and carpark recoveries, but any advice that could be applied to sand driving would be appriciated.

Thanks and regards.


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There is some good stuff in the tech archive from which you could probably put together a good course on recovery do's and dont's.

One thing that is not really mentioned (as far as I remember anyway) is rolled over ones. I have recovered (at work) quite a few crashed Defenders usually from on their side or roof and by far the easiest way is to take a couple of turns of a winching chain around the chassis outrigger and use a winch. It is one of the times where Milemarker speed and control is exactly what is needed as you can ease it to the point of balance and then decide whether to let it drop onto its wheels or if it had a cage etc to winch on to, you could ease it down with another winch from the opposite side. Electric winches tend to speed up as the load comes off near the point of balance (I have also done the same job with an 8274) which is not ideal and you also need to rely on the brake holding!

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I use a similar way to right overturned rallycars, a set of chain winching brothers onto the chassis or susension mountings winch onto the master link & slowly pull it over, can control it well with a slow Husky, I can get it to drop just slowly too. it's part of my MSA recovery licence up keep to do 1 training day per year plus duty at events. have look

lots in here think this is in the tech archive thread too.

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Heyup lad, how you doing?

1 Ban snatch straps.

2 Ban sand ladders.

3 Show them what a shovel looks like and how to work it. Preparation reduces the strain needed.

4 Don't forget to teach them;

The slow grind, your sand is bit light for that but works if there is any slope.

Rock the car and drive out.

Vehicle front on top on ridge, dig out below the rear wheels.

Vehicle on side slope, anchor rear end and use stuck vehicle reverse and full lock.

Prevention is better than recovery, you need a stretch like Sand School at Ruma. Teach them to drive without getting stuck.


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Hi ya John....and thanks for the link Ralph.

I've been on that site before...very indepth stuff (reads deep dude)

I hear what you're saying John about the straps. We had a nasty incident here a few weeks ago that could have ended far worse for Cols110...in the end it only cost him a new bumper. A newbie did a drag strip start to perform a simple yuck out and ripped one side of the bumper from Cols ride.

Unfortunatly for us, carrying straps and ropes is part of the 'must have gear' for trips into the desert and with the temperatures going up...the easy way out over shovelling is quick pull with the strap.

The points that you've raised are amoungst those already taught here. One huge problem we have is that when a guy buys a winch for his Wrangler Jeep...he wants the whole world to know about it and out comes the hook!

There is a roll over recovery technique that uses a peice of wood as a pivot leg...anyone seen that? I'm looking for diagrams.



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