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My heads hurting!!!!!!!!


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i've got a boost problem on a 200 tdi defender engine which is sending me round the bend.

the way the piping is plumbed is the boosted fuel takes pressure straight from the turbo, wastegate actuator and boost gauge runs from the intake manifold.

it gets to 11 psi boost then no more, i shortened the actuator rod to up the boost but it still stayed at 11 psi, the actuator ended up spring bound but still no more than 11 psi, is i disconnected the tube onto the actuator and plugged it then the turbo instantly produced 20 psi with no problems. so i thought that the actuator might have a leak in it so i changed it, the same thing happens with the next actuator, so to prove the actutor isn't leaking i disconnected the rod to the wastegate and held the gate shut with a jubilee clip, boost went straight up to 20 psi again.

so to summarize, both actuators dont leak, both are spring bound so shouldn't allow the wastegate to open, the turbo will produce over 20 psi, i've changed all actuting tubes and tubes to gauges and tried 2 boost gauges which read the same, but i'm still only getting 11 psi boost when its all connected up :(

anyone suggest anything obscure that i haven't tried?



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am I correct in reading this

you are seeing 11psi boost on the gauge (connected to the manifold) and no more no matter what you do to the wastegate?

but connect the gauge direct to the turbo(no wastegate connected) and you see 20psi on the gauge.

if so, I had a similar problem where a jubilee clip in one of the rubber hoses had failed letting the pressurised air out

you could hear a faint whistle whilst driving.

new clips sorted it, also can you try the wastegate with differing pressures to check when it is opening?

I used a spare tyre let down till it wouldn't open then checked the pressure in the tyre

I have 18psi before the W/G opens now

boost gauge(calibrated) confirms this.

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i can see 20 psi measured from the manifold is i disconnect the wastegate, either the tube that operates the actuator or the bar that goes to the gate (gate held shut with a jubilee clip).

all hoses are samco and all clips look good, i'll have a check though.

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