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Good (no, sorry - BAD) vibrations


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Morning all

When I went to drive home late last night, out of the blue my 110 started getting odd vibrations. (ooh err!). I stopped a couple of times to have a look, and went underneath this morning to have a good look and shake of everything I thought it could be. Everything seems pretty much as it should be, so looking for any ideas......

The symptons.......happens at above 55mph only and appears/feels like it's coming from the rear(but then it's hard to tell). It happens intermitently for about 5-10 secs at a time, then stops, and I would say it's quite a fast vibration that keeps coming and going. None of it was bad enough to warrant having to stop, but it has me puzzled. You can feel it right through the vehicle. I have jacked her up and checked for movement/wheel bearings, but all seems fine there, and all the wheel nuts are tight.......

So, anyone got any ideas?????????????? :unsure:



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check the front prop as well, i had something similar on my old 90 - felt like the back of the car was trying to shake itself free. Eventually after confusing me, mates and even the garage we tracked it down to the front prop, though it felt like it was coming from the back of the truck

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