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  1. If you have the locker with a the quill tube then a 24 spline half shaft will work just fine.. OEM, kam, ashcroft etc... No they will lock without the shafts in. Have you taken the axle apart to see exactly what's broken? as it is possible to shear the quill tube which would result in what you describe.
  2. Where did you go for help? 2009 was when they just brought out a new design of locker the one with locking dog sliding on a separate quill tube. The older locker to this needs extra long splines on the half shaft as the locking dog moved on this. so which locker do you have? I am guess its the one that needs the "custom" shaft if you have been told people cant help you, but that can also depend on who you spoke to Paul
  3. Count me in Simon I would be interested as well. Paul
  4. I don't want to make assumptions about how you use your own truck but I would say you will be fine to leave as is... here are my experiences on this topic... the original chromed balls bend and the replacement Teflon's shatter. I would (and have used for years) the Teflon replacements on a road/playday/green lane car. But I really try and stick to the original chrome for my comp truck As its a difference between this:- Teflon and chrome Only cure is difference axles.....
  5. I had this discussion with some one the other day... In almost all cases in land rover aftermarket suspension world a +5 shock will not give you 5" more travel over standard, what it means is the open (fully extended) shock length is 5" more than a standard open shock. Now and here is the rub because its extended length is now bigger so also will its closed length. So for example a Terrafirma pin to pin +5 shock is 5" longer than standard when extended but as the shock body is now larger the travel is only 2" more over a standard shock so in real terms its an 11" travel shock. Paul
  6. I do a lot of towing of my comp truck across europe etc... and having a good trailer is a must, driving non-stop for 30 hours with 3 tonne on the back you just don't need to the stress of checking the mirrors for tyres failing every 30sec. I use 2 trailers depending on what i am doing both are Brian James the one i own is a 3T with the wheels on the out side of the deck, this great trailer the low cog mean it tows a dream (zero wagging) behind my disco even when in the massive lorry ruts of the M4, but as has been mentioned by some one else because its low it really suffers from ground clearance. I have towed my truck to Romanian on this trailer and on some of roads the ground clearance was a problem. Also due to the lower weight limit of this trailer i don't load it up with lots of spares (like wheels) either. The other trailer I use/borrow is a 3.5T Brian James beaver tail with deck over the wheels because to of the extra space we will load it right up usually with gen set on the front and 5 spare wheel under the truck. It tows fine behind the disco (but not as good as the low deck one) and tows better behind the van with the longer wheelbase. . The other thing to remember is the tyres and wheels, proper trailer tyres are at really high pressures (I run both trailers at 75psi) if they are not run at the correct pressures they get to hot and blow... so if buying second hand make sure some one has not put car tyres and wheels on the trailer your looking at. hope this helps...
  7. Defiantly this ^ I did run the old scrap iron arms and they worked fine for years on my green lane disco and then comp truck but as speed on my comp truck got faster I found they bent far to easily. I now run the Terrafirma arms and found then to be much stronger but every thing has a limit.... here is the result of clipping a tree at 30mph.... snapped the caplier, broke the front swivel, bent the radius arm, cracked and pushed the center backwards on the chassis mount. Personally I do think these arms are strong enough for my intended use abuse.
  8. There was no Every Man Challenge at KOG its only running at KOV this year (plus have you been to Scotland, Croatia feels closer ) Why not have a show or "festival" that is like a big play day weekend like they do in the south of France, I can remember the name of it now but it looks fun. The traders are all there too but they are not the only reason to go to the event..... I guess location is the restriction for this sort of thing in the UK
  9. I recon there might be some buggies this year that could just about drive it or some of it...
  10. You could change the drag link to a disco one and bin the swan neck thing but this will mean you need a disco drop arm on the steering box. Sorry not got a close up image to hand but you can just about see the idea
  11. Not to much too change on the truck as quite a few of the breakages were from me driving into stuff and I cant really do any thing about that..... Just thought i would round this thread off with our overview/highlights edit of racing action. The almost head on crash is not because anyone was lost. The road book did warn of 'two way traffic' but only for the guys coming the other way!!
  12. Sorry Didn't see this reply, Well a quick summary of my event.... Being my second year I thought that it would be easier but in the end this year we ended up in 19th place compared to our 11th place year before. First problem was that we bent the truck so badly last year that it need a ton of work to get where i wanted it for this year and time ran out on us. I just finished the truck by 5pm to only just make the 11pm ferry. So no testing time on the truck... which as i now know was a big mistake. The engine was very down on power it had had a new injector pump, injectors and we tried every thing we could think of to get the power back, I should have packed the old pump but didn't. Since getting back the problem was track down to the wrong banjo bolt being fitted to the back of the pump. More gutting is we had the correct bolt with us and 1min job and it would have been back to full power.... First road book day out due to the truck sitting over winter I had a sticky solenoid on my over boost 12-24v system so it was not pushing 24volts at the winches only 12 (I only have single motor winches) and on the first tough winch bit I stalled out the front which. I didn't know at the time but I had melted a brush and it was only just still connected. We sorted the over volt system but the next problem which finished our first day was the water depth. This year the rivers and swamps were very deep due to the rain, quite often winching through bonnet depth water was required. Having a 200tdi I am still on V belts and they don't work so well under the water. Only 3K (ish) from the end of a 50k road book both alternator V belts had melted away and the spares were back at camp.... (for the rest of the week we carried spares) Next day was trophy day which was fine no problems (apart from the constant lack of power) and that evening its was the night stage. The organizer at the briefing asked the teams if they really wanted to go out as the weather was that bad. In my class at least half didn't go we did and it was sketchy the tracks were incredibly slippery and more than once we had to winch just to get back on the tack after we had slid off it. But it was the big winch climb of the night where the motor damage became apparent by it stopping half way up a good 400ft hill under tension. we managed to recover our selves getting back to camp at 4am (started at 11pm). Sunday was circuit day which we missed to strip the front winch plus it would have been hard work with no power. Only road book days left and we could make up lost places on these. Monday was the big road book day a 70k one. Starting 29th off the line we were going good up to 7th or 8th on the road and only 1k from the end when the engine just stopped. checking round the truck its was soon clear what the problem was. A tree branch had ripped off the fuel tank outlet and we were now out of diesel. We got the support guys to come out and get us, lucky we were some where accessible by road going 4x4. Back at camp we also found we had collapsed a front bottom swivel bearing and a potential show stopper which was a broken front winch end plate, I had not packed a spare..... We fixed every thing that night apart from the winch when at breakfast Philon said he had spare 3+ wide drum winch and why didn't we borrow that. So Tuesday was spent fitting and making it work with one motor as we had destroyed our spare and the motors on it were 24volt. Wednesday road was fine but tough deep water, long swamps and in some places I was having to double line the winch even using 24volt (which i don't normal have to do) But 5 km from the end of the road book I clipped a tree with the drivers side front wheel. The impact was enough spin the truck 180, snap the bottom swivel pin and shear open the caliper. Managed to complete the next 5k with no brakes and the front wheel half off. We started 30th off the line crossed the line 11th place. Adie (one of my support guys) that night amazingly managed to make a new complete swivel out of bits from round camp using an angry grinder as a machine tool. The Thursday was last day of the comp and it went ok, only having 3 brakes made things a bit more tricky but we finished..... We got to 19th out of 33 by completing only 2 days. Living conditions were very tough this year, by the last day people were having to winch just to get their comp trucks across camp. how we didn't get trench foot I don't know Lots of images on our Facebook page... and some new video of the event very soon... Paul
  13. "Health n Safety" has not made it to the wilds of Croatia..... I have footage from the prologue where a truck runs wide hits a stake holding the tape up which then really twats a spectator on the head... We are some times running as fast as we can on public roads (ok not busy ones) that are not closed, at least once or twice I have come head on with a car, van and this year an arctic truck who have no idea they are on part of a race course... all part of the fun... bit like in the baja but more mud than desert....
  14. Now that's very likely. Nothing is straight or true on my truck any more... Last time I sheared all the bolts the half shaft let go at the same time.
  15. wow you must have bicycle width wheels/tyres to be able to rub the end of your drive members on stuff... Yes the newer (proper coated) KAM drive flanges are a very close fit i have to beat them on. My weak point now is the flange bolts (even running 12.9's) easily shear all 5 (new ones) in one go
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