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Rear body mount rust


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Hi All,

Thought i would post some pics and ask a few questions on this ... hope someone can help ..

I recently started poking about underneath (bad idea) and found the rear body cross member has a couple of holes in it and the rear P-Side body mount is rusted and detached from the body shell ..

I have an MOT due next week and need to know if its likely to go through / is it safe ... or should i get it welded up .. ?

I dont think the rear body member/sill is rotten all over and could probably be patch .. see photos and let me know your thoughts




Many thanks in advance


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It will definitely fail the MOT unless the tester is blind or bribeable. The mount looks totally ruined, so making a new one and welding it on is the best thing to do.


Definitely needs a new if you can`t fabricate one youself or get somebody to do it for you, or you can buy one ready made about £35 i think, but cannot remember who makes them, maybe scrapiron thinking about it.



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