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Clutch Pedal

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Hello all,

Quick questions for you...

1) I am sure I read somewhere that there is a mod you can do to the clutch pedal on a 90 to make it not so heavy ( maybe to fit a later type) is this true and if so have any of you done it? What are the parts that are needed?

I need to do this as I have a bad left knee that is getting worse and the industrial size spring on my 90 (1990) is taking its toll. At this rate I am going to wear out before Lulu does.

2) Does anyone one know a good source of Copper-Slip that would mail to me here in France. I see copper grease advertised and not sure if it is the same? I cant find anything over here.



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I guess 2 options:

1) Install an auto box.

2) I have read somewhere about servo assisted clutch, as I was looking at this when I had my 200tdi. You retrofit a servo unit into the clutch hydraulic line. I cannot remember which vehicle you can scavenge a standalone version of these from, but Jaguar seems to come to mind.

Sorry can't be more precise.

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