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transmission oil cooler went


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Hey all, new 32 SWB Range owner here.

I glanced to the front end of the truck and noted how remarkably clean and shiny the undercarriage paint was... then realized it was just a coat of red transmiaaion fluid.

The fluid is dripping pretty steadily from the lower oil cooler line to cooler tube... I think.. it could be the cooler tube itself.

Question.. is this a pretty common issue with the classics? Can the cooler tube be welded, i.e is it steel , aluminum.. i cant tell.


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Can you explain what you mean by "32" Range Rover? :unsure:

I presume it is a classic as you are calling it SWB (100").

It sounds like the union between the flexi hose and the rigid pipe has failed. Best bet is to take the whole assembly to a hydraulics place and get them to copy it. It isn't very high pressure - only about 30psi IIRC.

Repair is a waste of time IMHO.

Good luck!

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i had similair thing with mine but was leacking inbetween were the nut joins the cooler and were the fins start. as temp measure i cut some rad hose to about 3/4in 18mm wide then jublie cliped it up. lasted a couple of weeks. i could not find a good 2nd hand one so useing a ford scorpion cooler with pipes made up by plant fitter.

its working a treet fingers crossed,touch woood. :rolleyes:

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Often it's corrosion on the cooler. You might find a radiator place locally can repair it for not a lot of money, but I noticed that one of the parts places in the comics, Paddocks etc, is now advertising new coolers at sensible prices. From Land Rover they are very pricey.

You can also bypass the thing with a length of hydraulic hose, unless you're towing or live in the desert it probably won't get hot and bothered, remember that unless the vehicle is an early 3 speed auto, the cooler we're discussing is a supplementary unit, the main gearbox cooling is done in the radiator.

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Often it's corrosion on the cooler.

You can also bypass the thing with a length of hydraulic hose,

Yes typo, 92 RR. Correct classic SWB.

That is where my leak is.. right after the junction and before the coils. I may just bypass it for the time being until I find a secondary.

So there are two cavitys in the radiator? One for coolant/water and one for transmission oil? The the "oil cooler" in front of the radiator is just a bonus?

Thanks again,

PS brillliant work on the scorpion retro fit!!!

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Mr H Star is correct. :i-m_so_happy:

Looking at the radiator from the front of the vehicle you will see engine oil cooler pipes entering the left hand side and gearbox oil cooler pipes entering the right hand side.

Gearbox oil flows from box to radiator to bog brush cooler.

The bog brush is pretty poor too. I have found with several autos that sustained hard work eg climbing passes in the Pyrenees or lots of low box hard work will soon see the warning light come on. this might be a good opportunity for replacing it with a Laminova or similar that might actually do something!

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I knew I wasn't imagining it!

I replaced the bog brush cooler on an '82 s pd auto with a much more efficient one, got it from a tranny specialist, they sell a lot of them to people who tow with autos of all makes.

One thing to watch out though, IIRC on the ZF the flow reverses when the TC locks up, so if you replace it with a non standard one, make sure it allows flow in both directions, they don't all do this.

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