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What happened to TiC?


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They appear to have disappeared and Heystee have appeared in their place.

Are they one and the same?

Ive got TiC springs and theres a problem with them, so need to contact them or CP with regard replacements.

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not sure, how old are the springs - i think that if it's under 12months then it's the suppliers responsibility - off topic but i had this discussion with a large supermarket chain over some electrical goods, they tried to fob me off to the manufacturer but as the supplier my contract was with them not the manufacturer - that was their problem

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The Sale of Goods Act 1979 is your friend - retailers must sell good that are fit for the purpose. It is generally regarded as giving you 12 months comeback but does not need to be interpreted so restrictively with goods that should have a much longer life. Don't be fobbed off with being referred to the manufacturer, although you do have a claim against them too even though you didn't have a direct commercial relationship with them.

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Thanks for the replies, I thought it was the Sales of Goods Act that I needed.

The springs are over 12 months old, but as they were bought for a rebuild its not that surprissing!! The vehicle was MOTed in December and has 7 outings (inclucing 2 to the MOT station) and the springs still have their stickers on!!!

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