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Series Hybrid Project Questions


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Greetings mates! I am new to the Rover community, but I am going to build up truck to be my everyday driver and had some questions (that might be able to be answered!).

I live in the US, so Rovers and parts are scarce. I am going to build a 110-style truck starting with either a Series IIA or III 5-door 109" and change the front clip to a Defender one. Are there any threads or websites you know of that show this process (converting the front clip) or is the conversion of the wings/bonnet/breakfast an easy bolt-on?

I have driven a few older Rovers and I know they can't go fast. I want to build a mostly on-road truck that can easily go 80mph without screaming at me. I have looked at many different powertrains, but the one that stands out as the best option so far is a GM 6.2liter diesel and matching 5-speed tranny (which gets about 23 mpg highway in an 8000lb truck and will be fitted in a 4500lb Rover). This engine is also mechanical, so like the 300Tdi, it doesn't need any fancy engine computer. Does anyone have a suggestion for other non-rover powerplants?

I know that Series rigs are leaf suspension, and I know I will convert to coils. What brands of running gear have you used successfully/do you recommend (old man emu comes to mind)?

I had a friend tell me that LHD trucks sell for less than RHD in the UK. Is this really true? If so, do you think that there is anyone that would perform work for me (like a front clip conversion from a 90s Defender) or even just piece together a truck that has the reqts for import BEFORE the truck was sent overseas to the USA? All the other work (engine, interior, custom dash, power windows, power locks, power steering, power brakes, suspension) can be done with US-sourced aftermarket parts. All I would need from the UK is a truck with a straight body and minimal rust (and able to be moved to UK port and out of US port, so rolling chassis).

I know this is a lot to digest, but I have spoken a lot in various forums about importation, and I have seen shipping rates as cheap as $1000 (and factor in fees from both ports, so it will be more like $2000), and the SIII definitely fits the bill for the 25-year-no restriction rule.

Thanks in advance for anyone that reads or replies to this, as I have already made a ton of friends in the Rover community and hope to make more on lr4x4!

- Ryan

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Welcome !

Conversion to Defender front is a straight forward job, just a few holes drilled in the

front wings for the slam panel to bolt to.

Conversion to coils would be best using Range Rover or Discovery axles as you'll

get disc brakes, an essential requirement if you're planning 6.2l diesel and 80mph !

Most people do hybrid conversions using a range Rover chassis, normally early 100"

models, you may be better with a later LWB 108" one. It'll save a lot of work over

converting a Series chassis to coils. You then power steering, discs and coils in one

nice pile.

LHD cars are cheaper than R here but I'd imagine finding one would be difficult. You

will probably have more success finding a 110 in the States and even less work to do.

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To be blunt, why not just buy a 110 and ship it over since you seem to want a vehicle that looks like a 110, has 110 running gear and 110 features like PAS...

(Range Rover Classic, Discovery 1, Defender 90/110 all share axles, transmissions, and engines to varying degrees)

To satisfy the 25-year rule you may need to locate the chassis plates from a rusted out 25-year-old Series and re-build the 110 around them :ph34r:

Plenty of companies in the UK would make one LHD for you, you may find ex-military ones that are already LHD from the likes of Vass, Witham Specialist Vehicles or Anchor Supplies, and LHD parts crop up regularly with the likes of Paddocks and Craddocks.

The GM V8 Diesel has been a regular popup on this forum, there are two camps of people - some love it, some hate it. The haters seem to be in the majority. The arguments are that it's just too damn big and heavy for a Land Rover (to the point it affects handling), not a particularly great engine, and produces so much torque it will break every bit of a Land Rover drivetrain with regularity. Personally I think there are far better suited engines out there, a 3.9 Rover V8 running MSEFi can give you enough power, get 20mpg and will bolt to a Land Rover transmission without destroying it.

Oh and why do you want to convert a Series to look like a Defender? You can't improve on perfection :P

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There are ways to get a 110 in the US legally. In fact there are a few chaps importing the components and building them legally. Pop in over here:


Read the check in post, get familiar with the forum and then ask. As a US based site, you will also be able to get some more specific answers to US specific issues and questions of availability.

Good luck.

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What the hell is a "front clip" anyway???? Why do the americans always have stupid names for bits of cars???

Basically if you chopped the front of the car off at the bulkhead, that's a front clip. Quite common to sell used engines from scrappers as a "front clip" which means it's turnkey plus maybe the cooling system, a front subframe and maybe some suspension bits, hubs, etc. still dangling off it. Basically it's the lazy way of removing an engine in it's running state :lol:

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