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200 TDi rebuild options

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I was merrily reading my minisport magazine the other day and the old A Series engine has been increased in size seriously over the years.

That got me wondering about my 200TDi, although its fine at the moment and pulls like a horse it can't be many years before it will need rebuilding at the rate I am putting miles on it.

So can it be increased to say 2.6 or 2.8 when its rebuilt?

Is it worth it or will long term reliability be compromised too much?

Who does it?

Whats it cost?

Will :)

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Maximum you can get pistons easily for is +40. Beyond that you're probably into custom pistons or piston off of something else etc. So far as stroking is concerned you probably then get into custom cranks, con rods etc. Probably alot cheaper and easier to simply source a larger capacity Isuzu lump and bolt it in!


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